Understanding the Times

with Timothy Alden

We are living in precarious times and it can be challenging to try and make sense of the news headlines we are bombarded with on a daily basis. In the midst of the chaos we can be confident that God has a plan that is being executed perfectly! We can also be convinced that HE wants to let us in on what He’s doing. On the “Understanding the Times” Podcast we will address the current issues of the day from a prophetic perspective. Understanding the times will empower us to go from spectators to participants in the most exciting move of God in the history of the world. Let me show you that there is a method to the madness in this crazy time we are in, and make you aware of the tremendous opportunity before us in bringing about a global awakening. I’m Timothy Alden a Pastor, Prophet, Author, Revivalist, Political Activist, and Friend of God. I’m ready to take on the challenges we see in our world head on, and ignite a global movement that transcends the boundaries of “Church as usual”. Get ready to have your mind blown as we make sense of the chaos of our day and release prophetic strategies to get us off the sidelines and into the game. I will get you ready for the most exciting events in history. It’s going to Biblical…literally. LET”S GO!!!!!…

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