A transformational call for the Uncompromised Revival Remnant to arise in this generation. Challenging your passion each week to take your place in sustainable revival and transforming awakening in the earth while living a life of urgency concerning the return of Jesus Christ in the last days. Join host, Dr. Caleb Cooper, a young firebrand revivalist that operates in the Apostolic and Prophetic, believing God to change atmospheres and transform regions with Uncompromised Revival Fire. Author of the books: “Pioneering Prophetic Patterns of Purpose,” “Jesus Focused: Awakening End Time Prophetic Strategy,” “The Convergence of Revival and the King’s Arrival ” as well as a contributing author in the book “Igniting Revival Fire Everyday.” You do not want to miss Uncompromised Revival Fire podcast that is sure to be an explosive resource in your life!

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