Transformation Generation

with Derek Schneider

If you’re someone who wants to go beyond just being inspired by another preaching, teaching or testimony…and actually want to be equipped and transformed by what you hear – then this Podcast is for you! In today’s world we have no shortage of access to sermons, teachings and more information, but what most people are really looking for is practical application, and wisdom that gets results. Derek Schneider is the Founder of History Makers Society, a global movement that’s equipped thousands as catalysts of transformation in their spheres of influence. He is also a requested speaker, author, and transformation specialist. God is using Derek Schneider to transform culture, and the church, on several continents. This podcast was created to help you not only become awakened in your calling and purpose, but also, to help you go from personal vision, to tangible execution. In whatever your calling is. Welcome to Transformation Generation Podcast.

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