Throne Room Conversations

with Jamila Jordan Moody

Throne Room Conversations dives deep into the word to discuss, teach and share prophetically what it means to establish and live an authentic lifestyle of worship. Throne Room Conversations carries the mandate to teach and share in-depth about the multi-layered aspects of worship like its prophetic nature, its use as a weapon of warfare and a tool of healing, deliverance, breakthrough and more. Throne Room Conversations is a show dedicated to its assignment to challenge and call believers into a place of maturity and authenticity in their worship life by offering prophetic insight, wisdom and instruction for them to build with. Throne Room Conversations is also committed to ministering life and love to the lost, broken and backslidden as the ultimate goal of Throne Room Conversations is souls. Throne Room Conversations seeks ignite a fire of hunger for the love of God, His Presence, His Kingdom and true intimacy with Him by being examples of His authentic love through our worship and our the love we extend to believers and non-believers alike.

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