The Romans 911 Project

with Grant Berry

The Romans 911 Project is establishing a pathway for Restoration and Reconciliation to take place in the family of God. We call this message “The Reconnection.” Every episode is a comprehensive study in The One New Man (TONM), between Jewish and Gentile believers and between all races and tongues that will help to restore love and unity in the Ekklesia/Church according to Yeshua/Jesus’ prayer in John 17. The Reconnection message drills down deeper into this love and unity and the final reforms for the Ekklesia/Church. The Reconnection helps set the pathway for the Lord’s return; it leads us into God’s end-time plans for the Preparation of the Bride, the last great awakening, the end-time harvest, and Israel’s salvation. Join host Grant Berry every week as he unpacks this mystery, simplifying it for all of us to understand and embrace.

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