The Alberino Analysis

With Timothy Alberino

Known as a modern-day Indiana Jones, Timothy Alberino is a writer, explorer, and filmmaker whose inquisitive mind and intrepid spirit have led him all over the earth in search of lost cities, lost civilizations, hidden treasures, and legendary creatures. His appetite for adventure was manifest at the age of eighteen when he dropped out of high school in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to the Amazon jungle in Peru. Alberino is an accomplished autodidact and scholarly researcher. After years of rigorous study, he has garnered an expansive knowledge base that allows him to dissertate with authority on a wide variety of topics. Join Alberino as he analyzes some of the most fascinating and controversial of these topics in this podcast, including the Nephilim of Genesis 6, UFOs and alien abductions, Bigfoot and other cryptids, occult conspiracy, and Bible prophecy.

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