Salutations and Impartations

with Antwain Braggs

After being snared by childhood molestation and growing up without a Father it seemed my life was destined for doom but after walking with Jesus Christ for over 2 decades learning what it takes to work out my soul salvation with fear and trembling I’ve now gathered many tools that will help my subscribers to become real, raw and vulnerable in their every day lives without the crippling feelings of guilt, shame and condemnation so they can reach their place of relevance in the world around us and Introduce the beauty of who they’ve become as a result. With 18 years of ministry and 12 years of serving another man’s vision I’ve been privileged to gather a few viable strategies that will help to free our souls up to become it’s best. We will do this along with trusted guest who will frequent the broadcast to help us see our lives from seasoned perspectives.

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