Running Into The Fire

with Terri Hasdorf

The United States is in great political turmoil. With the unending clash of ideas and beliefs, as well as the looming threat of socialism, the country’s future feels dark and cloudy. In these troubling times, people of faith turn to God for hope and spend more time in prayer. Many avoid the complicated world of politics.

While prayer is essential, Terri Hasdorff believes Christians must also become more directly involved. Now is the time to put America back on the right path. People of faith must rise up to resist injustice, oppression, and corruption. Terri invites you to make a stand starting here on Running Into The Fire.

This show sheds light on the intersection of faith and politics. It highlights how to be proactive and create significant change. If you want to get involved but do not know where to begin or feel discouraged by the dirty side of politics, this podcast will give you hope that you can make a difference. 

Join Terri as she sits down with faith leaders and people in power. Together, they delve into the political nitty gritty, providing valuable insights and interesting perspectives. These conversations examine the fruits of this complex and powerful world and go deep into the roots of the problem.

Most importantly, every episode touches on political topics from the lens of Christian teachings. Terri brings to the podcast her vast political knowledge and experience. At a young age, her eyes opened to the wrath of socialism when she became part of a student exchange program to the Soviet Union. She saw first-hand how socialism is about replacing God with government and freedom with tyranny. 

Standing at the crossroads of faith and politics, Terri knows the ins and outs of both worlds. Working side by side with politicians, consultants, donors, fundraisers, lawmakers, and even non-profit faith communities, she leads every discussion about the hard truths of the political world through the lens of a Christian worldview. 

Be the agent of change you are seeking in your community. Listen to Running Into the Fire today at

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