Keep Hope Alive

with Gretchen Keskeys

Are you a believer struggling to overcome anxiety, depression, or just discouragement? Host Gretchen Keskeys is a Christian speaker and writer that has experienced profound healing through Christ. In every episode of Keep Hope Alive, she shares Biblical truths for our daily lives and current times, which bring well-being and mental health. Gretchen grew up in the home of a psychiatrist and best-selling self-help author, yet she was plagued with mental illness as a young woman. She had all the world’s answers in front of her, yet she was hopelessly lost. Gretchen searched everywhere and found true healing and salvation in Jesus Christ. Our changing world can bring distress to our lives. It can make us feel helpless and hopeless as those in power make decisions that seem to go against God’s Kingdom. But once again, our help is found in the Lord. His truth keeps hope alive in our lives!

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