Healing the Broken Marriage

with Brian and Elisha Magill

Welcome to the Healing the Broken Marriage Podcast hosted by Brian and Elisha Magill.
In this podcast, along with Brian and Elisha, you will hear from Influencers and Psychologist’s to help bring spiritual and practical application to the conversation. Brian and Elisha share their story of marital struggles some of which include infidelity, abuse, rejection, abandonment, trauma, suicide attempts and more. This podcast is intended to not only help struggling married couples, but to also serve as a guide for singles planning to one day be married – helping them guard against the pitfalls and strategies of the enemy. Brian and Elisha’s story of how God reached down into their situation and turned things around is a miracle. We hope this podcast will greatly strengthen your faith, give you tools and strategies to use in your own life as you witness the miracle of God’s power in action through these amazing stories. Tune in! Learn more at www.makingbeautywiththeashes.com.

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