Casting A Demon Out of An Infant—How To Deal With Demonic Roots

by | Oct 18, 2022 | CPN Articles

Read Time: 3 Minutes, 25 Seconds

Recently during one of our miracle crusades, a frantic mother brought her infant child to me for prayer. The poor little baby was grievously ill, and its mother stood before me clutching it into her chest.

Immediately, the Holy Ghost revealed to me that this sickness was the result of a demon spirit. I look down at that child and demanded, “You foul devil, in the name of Jesus Christ, loose this child and come out.”

As soon as I addressed the unclean spirit, the child’s head immediately lurched upward as the demon looked at me through the eyes of that baby.

“You come out!” I commanded.

Instantly it gagged as those unclean spirits came out and the child was free.

Glory to God!

Listen to me, you don’t have to shout it out. You don’t have to scream it out. You just have to cast it out.

Most of what modern society today labels as a mental illness is in fact demonic activity. While some psychological conditions are due to chemical imbalances in the brain, a large percentage are the work of evil spirits. It is unfortunate today that the church has thrown away Bible truth and embraced the philosophies of psychology. Those hearing voices in their heads urging them to hurt others or themselves are not simply “troubled.” They are demonized. They desperately need deliverance.

Demons respond to authority. The authority of Jesus Christ is what compels the power of darkness to flee. You simply need to be firm, bold, and stand in the faith of the name of Jesus. In and of yourself, you are no match for any demon.

However, no demon is a match for the Word of God, the Name of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Ghost. Stand firm in that authority and break the power of the devil. (Luke 10:19).

When we moved into our home, I quickly became fixated with maintaining our lawn. I was convinced that I had to have the greenest and best-looking lawn in our community. Except there was one major problem—crabgrass!

Oh, how I hated that nasty looking weed.

At first, I would simply mow right over it. Problem solved, I thought. I soon found out that in just a few days that pesky crabgrass would be bursting forth out of the ground again. But this time it had multiplied!

You see, the lazy way to deal with crabgrass is to just mow over it. But that won’t solve anything. It will continue to grow right back. In order to properly deal with this infestation, I had to deal with its root. The entire root system needed to be pulled out and the roots needed to be treated with the appropriate weed killer.

Sadly, so many treat deliverance in this manner. Only the surface issue is dealt with—lust, addiction, depression, etc.—and things seem to go great for a short while, but before too long they are right back in bondage again. Why? because the root was never dealt with.

Where you find regressing sin, you will always find a demon nearby. The demonic forces operating in these hidden recesses must be uprooted and pulled out. This is the issue that most of the western church is not willing to address. Uncrucified flesh in the life of believer is an open invitation to demonic activity.

Deliverance is the agent of God that plucks these roots out.“Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up” (Matt. 15:13).

Demons operate similarly to weeds. They spread out, and eventually their diabolical roots wrap themselves around everything and completely overwhelm the person.

Many modern ministries have never even cast out a demon. They treat the symptoms but never the true root. They refer the addicts to rehab. They refer husbands and wives to counseling. They refer the manic depressives to therapy.

The church has become nothing but the world’s greatest referral service. It’s time to deal with the root of the issue. It’s time to address it. It’s time to confront it with anointing and authority. It’s time to cast it out. It’s called a demon.

Bishop Chad MacDonald carries a powerful apostolic anointing that will change your life. He is the founder of Revival Fire World Ministries, published author, international revivalist, prophetic minister and sought-after conference speaker. His meetings are marked with the tangible presence of God and accompanied by powerful signs and wonders. Under his apostolic ministry, Chad is active in pioneering, planting and equipping churches throughout the world.

Through the ‘Voice of Revival’ his broadcast ministry is reaching millions around the world with the power of the Holy Ghost through radio, internet, podcast and television broadcasts. For more information visit

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