Grant Berry: G-d’s Mercy Plan

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Israel & Jewish Roots, Standing With Israel

In last month’s article on reconnection between Israel and the church, I briefly mentioned G-d’s Mercy Plan. From within the unity of the one new man between Jew and Gentile in Christ, both groups have unique roles that are yet to be fully played out upon the earth in order for Yeshua/Jesus to return and establish His kingdom amongst us on the earth.

So what is this Mercy Plan, and what are the roles we are yet to play? And why are they different from each other if we are now fellow citizens and have equality in Christ where there is no difference between us in the Spirit (see Eph. 2:14-22)?

Let me address the last point first: While the apostles made it very clear to us in the New Covenant that there was now no difference between Jew and Gentile in the Spirit and that all believers, both Jew and Gentile alike, are now joined together into a royal priesthood where we are co-heirs with Christ (see 1 Pet. 2:5); this did not eliminate the separate roles that both Jewish and Gentile believers are to play out before Christ returns, and especially the rest of Israel who is yet to be redeemed.

I particularly like the apostle Paul’s reference to the one new man in his letter to the Galatians (3:26-29). It is here that he makes reference to there being no difference between male and female and, while of course we know this to be true when it comes to the Holy Spirit that we receive in Christ, we also know that there are still major differences between men and women and husband and wives; yet spiritually we are now equal.

This same distinction can be drawn between Israel and the church, between the calling of the Jew and the calling of the Gentile, as well as Jewish believers in Christ who are called back to be a light to their own people. Yet up to this point we have not properly understood this; either fully rejecting Israel’s future redemption, which is known as replacement theology, or thinking that the passageway that we must both pass through into the New Covenant to find redemption and salvation in Christ has eliminated any differences between us, however this is not the case, nor does Scripture support it.

The apostle Paul clearly points out to Gentile believers in Romans 11 that Israel’s hardening is only temporary (verses 25-26) and that we should not be arrogant, thinking we have replaced them. On the contrary, Paul speaks of this re-grafting and how quickly at that time the Jewish people will actually be re-established into their own olive tree (verses 22-24).

In addition, the Bible is full of untold prophecies that speak of Israel’s ultimate restoration that has to take place before the L-rd returns. Did not Christ tell the Pharisees, “You will not see me again until you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the L-rd?’” Does not the prophet Zechariah speak of a future time for Israel, when they will mourn, when they will realize what a tragic mistake they made, when they look upon the one they had pierced and mourn as one mourns for an only child? (See chapters 12 and 13).

So how come a lot of the church sees this differently, thinking that G-d is finished with Israel, even that the church has actually replaced it; or now thinking there is no difference between Jewish and Gentile roles, when in reality their spiritual awakening is so highly significant to Christ’s return? Have we missed something here?

Not only so, but we will also see what a significant role we in the church are yet to play to help bring this spiritual awakening about, that both the roles for Israel and the church are intricately linked into the Father’s final plan to unite His spiritual family between Jew and Gentile in the end days.


This is G-d’s Mercy Plan! G-d’s mercy to finally unite His family so He can return to the earth and take full dominion; to restore His firstborn according to His holy covenants and promises to them despite their current spiritual condition and indifference. He cannot deny Himself, nor His Holy word; where He will show Himself through Israel to all nations before their very eyes (Ezek. 36:23), and G-d’s mercy through us in the church to help bring this about. That despite our differences and the great wedges that the enemy has driven between us in order to maintain his authority upon the earth, that G-d’s love, mercy and healing would be loosed at this time to ultimately melt down all of the barriers that currently exist between us, so forgiveness and healing would result.

Through G-d’s own design, Israel, His firstborn son (Ex. 4:22), cannot be born without the full participation of the other children in G-d’s family, who Jesus refers to as His other sheep (John 10:16). What a masterful plan and honor He has indeed bestowed upon us in this generation and those that tarry before the L-rd returns that the cries of intercession would flow deep from within our bellies to push and see our first born brethren Israel come forth.

As we look through Scripture, it is evident that whenever G-d moves upon us or through us, He always looks for an intercessor, one who stands in the gap. From Abraham and Moses, all the way to Christ and beyond, G-d has always moved through man to effect His changes and plans among us. So why should the end be any different from the beginning?

For have we in the church not received G-d’s mercy as a result of Israel’s disobedience, and is it not both fair and equitable of our Father at this point in history to now release that mercy back to them? For is this not the very point that the apostle Paul makes in Romans 11:30-31? For while Israel’s main role in this Mercy Plan is to accept G-d’s salvation for them through Christ, it is our role in the church to release that life to them.

When G-d called Ezekiel out in the Spirit and showed Him the dead dry bones of the Holocaust, who was it that breathed the breath of G-d back into them? Was it G-d Himself, or was it G-d through man? So I say to us in the church, to the Ezekiel Generation, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, hear the word of the L-rd. … Prophesy to the breath and say to it, ‘This is what the Sovereign L-rd says: Come from the four winds, O breath and breathe into these slain, that they may live.’” (see Ezek. 37:1-14).

Until next time church, I leave you with the Holy Spirit’s words through the beloved apostle Paul, G-d’s Mercy Plan—to reach Israel through the church:

“Just as you who were at one time disobedient to G-d have now received mercy as a result of their disobedience, so they too have now become disobedient in order that they too may now receive mercy as a result—here it is church—of G-d’s mercy to you! For G-d has bound all men over to disobedience so that He may have mercy on them all” (Rom. 11:30-32).

In the end, it is all about G-d’s mercy. Amen.

Grant Berry is a Jewish believer in Yeshua/Jesus and author of The New Covenant Prophecy and The Ezekiel Generation. He has founded Reconnecting Ministries with the specific focus to help the church reconnect spiritually to Israel and considers it vital to the kingdom of G-d in the last days. His message focuses on the unity, love and healing that the Father wants to bring between Jew and Gentile, yet clearly points out the differences and misunderstandings between the two groups. Now is the time to look more carefully into this mystery to make way for healing and reconnection in the Spirit. For more information please visit the website @


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