Why the World Celebrates a False God Today

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Culture

Earth Day is always such a fun time. The warmth, the joy and the reverent dignity of the day brings such hope and security to my soul. It just makes me proud to be a small part of planet Earth.

Each year, the celebrations get grander with poems, essays and the earnest songs of the little children as they sing to the trees with contagious evangelistic fervor. “I hope you realize how blessed we are to be under the care and watchful eye of our God, Mother Earth. She is ever so gracious.”

Also warming is the compassionate media collaboration, complete with interviews and exposes of corporate evil, and of our ignorant little lives.

The good stories will sing the praises of a family who make their own water, have a bicycle-activated generator so they can get NPR and use eco-friendly candles while living in a flower-covered bus deserted by some Grateful Dead groupies.

The bad stories will feature some poor slug on an oil rig or in a coal mine, a wayward youth who threw his Coke can in the wrong bin or a soccer mom who drives a demonic SUV.

But, with ceremonious fanfare, the real founder of Earth Day has been relegated to the compost heap.

In Genesis 2, God, knowing He had created something neat, turned it over to His favorite creation, Man. He told him to tend it and to keep it; the parameters were clear. He instructed him on the concepts of dominion and stewardship, all in balance to bless man and glorify God.

Psalm 24:1-2 reminds us, “The earth belongs to the Lord, and its fullness, the world, and those who dwell in it. For He has founded it on the seas, and established it on the floods.”

Later in his writings to the Corinthians, Paul built on this thought while dealing with cults that worshipped the creation, not the Creator.

Earth is a great place, majestic and awe-inspiring. Am I amazed? Not really. God made it.

While I’m thankful and respectful to enjoy the blessings, I refuse to get trapped in the snare of our new national religion.

Its dogma is beyond basic love and care for our world; it is disguised as a misdirected smokescreen: appearing compassionate while preaching concepts using today’s favorite buzzwords: “justice” and “fairness.”

It pressures participation and punishes those who do not partake. Pressure is productive, and the controlling regime knows this.

And now, the Green New Deal? Read the fine print before you start beating your clothes on a rock.

MSN breathlessly panders to its new anointed spokesgirl. Although she is just four years out of bartending school, each inane babbling gets front-page reverence. Between the Valley Girl voice, affected gestures and eloquent “uhs,” “likes” and “you knows,” we get daily spouts of wisdom. No cars. No planes. No job. No problem. Even the poor gaseous cows are fearful.

Apparently it makes sense to the 18, “claiming to be wise” (Rom. 1:22) Presidential candidates who are already bowing at her altar. Word is, the Senator from Hawaii is still working on the details of her commute.

Most conservative estimates put the price tag of this debacle at nearly $5,000,000,000,000! This is not benevolence; this is bondage.

Although basic math tells us this is folly, one poll cited Millennial support of the Green New Deal by 24 percentage points, all to achieve their version of economic and environmental justice.

A former vice president has made millions peddling his global snake oil. While we’re supposed to ride scooters, his palatial estate (which expends 20 times the energy of a normal home), his $20-million jet, and his three guzzling SUVs are never mentioned in his brochure.

I’m not able to afford a jet; just don’t handcuff me to the stagecoach.

In the total dependence and control scenario, freedoms are altered, and man is relegated to peon status next to the real stars, Mother Nature and the animal kingdom.

Also in the crosshairs is the hopeful collapse of our shipping, oil, gas and coal industries so the controlling regime can then rush in to “fix” things. Don’t laugh; they will alter your comings and goings.

By ridicule and fines, they even hope to legislate your home thermostat. For those of you facing hot flashes, that should be reason enough to bang the drum!

Everybody is a target, even those who are a bit overweight. We’re weighing down the environment, contributing to the pollution and warming of the planet. They’ll figure how to tax that.

I can see it now: taxes for newborns, people enjoying life and those who might be a bit heavier than others, taxed for birth, mirth and girth.

Between the lines, this agenda comes to minimize the influence and the place of the Creator of Earth Day.

It is directed to those who will honor the one who, after merely speaking this world into existence, used His hands to form us and breathed His breath into our lungs. Such devotion cannot be allowed; it would only make us more accountable to something higher and bigger than we are.

Trees are less demanding Saviors.

Dear crusading friends, even nature was clued in from the beginning. The Creator made it clear when He spoke.

The birds, the fish, the fields, the mountains and the seas know the score and have a job to do. Creation groans, the seas roar in praise, the winds whip, the mountains and hills break forth, the birds soar to announce His joy, the trees clap their hands and the heavens buzz with excitement to declare the glory of God!

Hear that? Even the trees know who to bow to. How hard is that?

It’s Earth Day!

Praise the Lord and plant a tree! {eoa}

Michael Green is pastor with his wife, Linda, at The LifeGate (thelifegate.com) in Metairie and Mandeville, Louisiana. He is also a speaker, singer, producer and writer. Find him on Twitter (@MichaelGreen77).


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