Rick Wiles Answers Michael Brown’s Criticisms of Anti-Semitism; Brown Responds

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Culture

Editor’s Note: Out of fairness, we are running Rick Wiles’ response to Michael Brown’s original op-ed on Charisma News, which claimed Wiles was promoting anti-Semitic ideas. Below that is Michael Brown’s attempts to clarify the issues in this important debate.

By Rick Wiles

This publication recently published an op-ed written by Michael Brown in which he slanderously called me a neo-Nazi. His libelous accusations cannot go unanswered.

I am a born-again, Spirit-filled, Bible-believing disciple of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Nazis were a political movement of demon-possessed, occult-inspired, socialist, militant homosexuals who persecuted the Confessing Church in Germany.

What provoked Mr. Brown to lash out and publicly defame my character? I said two words that sent him into orbit: “Jew Coup.” Apparently, the Thought Police have banned saying anything that rhythms with “Jew.” If the leaders of the Impeach Trump movement were mostly Arab Muslims, would I be permitted to say it? What if they were Amish? Can I say it?

Our November 22 Trunews episode was titled “Jew Coup: Seditious Jews Orchestrating Trump Impeachment Lynching.” It is still posted on Trunews.com for you to watch and evaluate the truthfulness of our reporting and analysis.

What Mr. Brown failed to tell you is that we devoted 90 minutes to documenting that the Impeach Trump movement is led and financed by leftwing Jews. We showed the Trunews audience that two articles of impeachment were filed in the House in 2017 and 2018 by Congressman Brad Sherman and Congressman Steve Cohen. Both men are leftwing Jews. We also pointed out that Jewish billionaire Tom Steyer publicly committed in 2018 to spending tens of millions of dollars to support the impeachment of President Trump.

Furthermore, Mr. Brown did not tell you that we displayed screenshots of prominent Jewish newspapers boasting about the high number of Jews leading the impeachment campaign. We obtained all our information from Jewish publications! Our crime is that we said it. Some of those many articles were:

—Jerusalem Post: Rep. Luria holds Hebrew bible in ad supporting Trump impeachment inquiry.

—Jewish Telegraphic Agency: The Trump-Ukraine controversy and the Jews involved.

—Jerusalem Post: Volodymyr Zelensky: Ukrainian Jew entangled in Trump’s impeachment scandal.

—Jewish Telegraphic Agency: The Jewish players in impeachment.

—Jerusalem Post: Nita Lowey, House Democrat and Jewish lawmaker, endorses Trump impeachment.

—Jerusalem Post: Eliot Engel favors impeachment.

—Times of Israel: Why these Jewish lawmakers’ calls for impeachment are a big deal.

—Forward: The Jews of the impeachment showdown, a guide.

Mr. Michael Brown failed to tell you about the overwhelming number of Jewish players in the Impeach Trump movement. Some of the conspirators include:

—Congressman Adam Schiff.

—Congressman Jerry Nadler.

—Congressman Eliot Engel.

—Congressman Brad Sherman.

—Congressman Steve Cohen.

—Congresswoman Elaine Luria.

—Congresswoman Nita Lowey.

—House attorney Daniel Sachs Goldman.

—House attorney Norman Eisen.

—Ambassador Gordon Sondland.

—Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

—Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman.

—NSC advisor Charles Kupperman.

I must also add to the list the names of the three “expert witnesses” who testified before the House Judiciary Committee calling for the impeachment of President Trump. The witnesses were Professors Noah Feldman, Michael Gerhardt and Pamela Karlan, who describes herself as a “snarky bisexual Jewish woman.” The only witness who testified against impeaching President Trump was Professor Jonathan Turley, a Roman Catholic.

Dare I also include Jewish billionaire George Soros on the list of seditious leftwing Jews? Former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor Joseph diGenova and attorney Victoria Toensing, his wife, had the audacity to mention George Soros’ role in Ukrainian politics and the Impeach Trump movement. For their crime, the Zionist Thought Police immediately confronted Fox News and demanded that they never again appear on the news network.

This is the same intimidation tactic Michael Brown is using against me by persuading Christian broadcasters and publishers to blacklist me as a neo-Nazi, Jew bashing, white nationalist, anti-Semitic bigot. Shame on Michael Brown for using the same smear tactics as the radical left. The evangelical Zionists get their propaganda tactics from the same source as the leftwing secular Zionists. For the record, Mr. Soros is one of the prime financial backers of Right-Wing Watch, the anti-Christian project of the People for the American Way, formerly led by Hillary Clinton’s pal Tony Podesta. Right-Wing Watch is the primary source of Michael Brown’s talking points to smear my name and ministry. There’s something wrong with this picture.

Our November 22 “Jew Coup” program also reminded viewers about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s cryptic remark to former NBC News star Megyn Kelly during her famous interview on March 10, 2018. Snarky Ms. Kelly snidely pressed the Russian leader to admit that Russia “hacked the election” in 2016. His crafty reply indicated that he knew more about the “election hacking” than he was willing to divulge to uppity Ms. Kelly. President Putin said:

“Maybe they’re not even Russians, but Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, just with Russian citizenship. Even that needs to be checked. Maybe they have dual citizenship. Or maybe a green card. Maybe it was the Americans who paid them for this work. How do you know? I don’t know.”

Essentially, President Putin insinuated that the “Russia hacked the election” hoax used against President Trump was a plot by Ukrainian Jews with dual citizenship in the USA or green cards, and they were paid by Americans to do the dirty work to entrap and smear President Trump. Its starting to look like Ukraine was the headquarters for the Democrats’ dirty politics against Donald Trump in the 2016 election. There is suspicion that the missing DNC email server that the FBI never examined is in Ukraine, not Washington, D.C.

How did the leftwing news media react to Mr. Putin’s hint of Ukrainian Jews’ involvement in the fake scandal to destroy Mr. Trump by blaming Russia for “hacking the election” in 2016? Mr. Putin was branded as “anti-Semitic.”

Anti-Defamation League President Jonathan Greenblatt blasted President Putin for resorting “to the blame game by pointing the finger at Jews and other minorities in his country.”

For the record, the ADL was launched and funded by B’nai B’rith, a Freemason lodge. A constitution was adopted, and an initiation ritual was held on Oct. 21, 1843. The organization’s name is the Independent Order of B’nai B’rith. Whenever you see or hear the ADL bashing Christian leaders, always remember that it’s really Jewish Freemasonry doing the trash talking. I’m proud to be at the top of the ADL’s list of enemies. Why does Michael Brown side with them against me?

Western news outlets published headlines in March 2018 insinuating that President Putin is anti-Semitic. That’s what happens when you tell the truth. Here are some examples:

—BBC News: Putin criticized for Jewish ‘election meddling’ remark.

Washington Post: Russian President Putin condemned for saying Jews may have manipulated U.S. elections.

—NBC News: Putin suggests 2016 election meddlers could have been Jews, Ukrainians.

I am trying to stop the impeachment of President Trump. I am not a neo-Nazi Jew basher. I simply can count. There are a lot of powerful left-wing Jews at the top of the Impeach Trump movement. I’m not afraid to say it. Indeed, I said on Nov. 22: “These are seditious, treacherous Jews who are undermining the president of the United States and pushing this country to civil war. I consider them domestic enemies…This is an American style, Jewish led Bolshevik revolution.”

I am deeply concerned that the American Bolshevik revolutionaries are pushing our Republic toward civil war. I earnestly pray it does not happen. It will be a war between the Pagan Left and the Religious Right. Don’t flippantly brush off my warnings. Russian Orthodox Christians in 1916 did not believe that one year later a Jewish-led communist revolution would erupt that resulted in the bloody executions of tens of millions of Orthodox Christians. Mr. Brown can pull out his hair in fury against me, but the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution was Jewish. Study history!

One more important point: Michael Brown chastised me for saying that the Jews control Donald Trump and, at the same time, the Jews are impeaching Donald Trump. There’s no conflict in my statements. By far, Donald Trump is the most pro-Zionist U.S. president in history. He has a long history of being Jewish-friendly, including his relationship with the notorious Roy Cohn. Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka renounced Christianity and converted to Judaism. She changed her name to Yael. Ivanka’s Hebrew name is linked to Heber’s wife in the Bible. She hammered a wooden tent peg into her husband’s temple while he was asleep. I would choose another name.

Yael (Ivanka) and Jared Kushner belong to Chabad Lubavitch, a powerful network of Jewish centers that practice Kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism. Ivanka’s conversion to Judaism was blessed by Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, a racist rabbi who refers to black people as monkeys (kushi).

Yael and Jared Kushner reportedly went to the grave of Lubavitcher Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, a Kabbalah wizard who died in 1994. Many Chabad Lubavitch Jews believe Schneerson is the Messiah and will be resurrected from the dead. Tens of thousands of Jews go to “The Ohel” (tomb) and pray to him hoping to receive a blessing from the grave. Ivanka (Yael) and Jared Kushner prayed to Schneerson’s corpse on the Saturday night before the November 2016 election for Donald Trump to win.

Yes, Donald Trump is pro-Zionist and strongly influenced by the network of influential Jews around him. Mr. Trump, however, is aligned with religious Zionist Jews. He is opposed by secular political Jews. From the earliest days of Zionism, there has always been two factions fighting for control of world Zionism: political Zionists and religious Zionists. President Trump is aligned with religious Zionists. George Soros, Adam Schiff and the rest of the Impeach Trump crowd belong to secular political Zionists. We are witnessing an internal war between two powerful Jewish factions for control of world Zionism.

Meanwhile, I must contend with Michael Brown, Jan Markell, Laurie Cardoza-Moore and other slanderers smearing my name and ministry. For now, I recommend that they ask their attorneys to define defamation of character and libel, and make sure their liability insurance policies are in force.

Editor’s Note: Brown’s original op-ed ran on several other sites besides Charisma News. Meanwhile, Wiles has run his rebuttal on his own website. We respect both men as Christian leaders, even though editorially we side with Dr. Brown and challenge Rick Wiles to reconsider some of his extreme views about the Jews. Because this is such an important issue to both Christians and Jews in the U.S. and around the world, we felt we should run Dr. Brown’s rebuttal. Ordinarily we edit articles we run—especially if they say things with which we cannot agree. But we did not want to alter the words of either man in this debate so are running both op-eds verbatim.

By Dr. Michael Brown

I recently came across the acronym DARVO, which stands for “Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender.” While it is often used in the case of sexual offenders who want to deflect their guilt, it is also used more widely when the offender wants to portray himself as the victim. This is exactly what evangelical newscaster Rick Wiles has done, painting himself the victim of an ugly attack from me (and other Christian leaders). It is important that we set the record straight, because this is hardly a matter that affects only Wiles and me. This is an issue for the church.

Last week, after Wiles posted yet another, even more dangerous anti-Semitic rant, I wrote an article titled, “When a Jew-Bashing Christian Leader Makes Jesus Look Bad.” And it was posted on a number of Christian and conservative websites.

In particular, I called out Wiles for referring to the impeachment hearings as a “Jew coup,” but one with far-reaching implications. Indeed, Wiles claimed, “it’s beyond removing Donald Trump, it’s removing you and me. That’s what’s at the heart of it. You have been taken over by a Jewish cabal.”

Yes, he claimed, “The church of Jesus Christ, you’re next. Get it through your head! They’re coming for you. There will be a purge. That’s the next thing that happens when Jews take over a country, they kill millions.”

In response to this I wrote, “What absolute rubbish. And what dangerous rubbish at that. May these words find their way into the trash heap of ideas, and may they be forgotten as quickly as they were spoken.”

And I urged Christians to shun his broadcast until he and his team repented.

Wiles has now responded with his own article, titled, “TRUNEWS’ RICK WILES: A CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO MICHAEL BROWN’S NEO-NAZI ACCUSATIONS.”

There’s only one problem.

I never called him a neo-Nazi. Not a chance.

Rather, I quoted a widely read, Jewish website, which called him a neo-Nazi, helping others see how religious Jews view the rants of a professing evangelical like Wiles.

But rather than own up to his hateful words, he paints himself as the victim, attacking me instead. And he does so quite falsely.

He wrote, “Several prominent evangelical Zionist websites recently published an insulting op-ed written by Michael Brown in which he slyly insinuated that I am a neo-Nazi. His defamatory accusations cannot go unanswered.”

Interestingly, in the first draft of his article, which he sent to some of these websites (not all of which can be called “evangelical Zionist”), he wrote, “This publication recently published an op-ed written by Michael Brown in which he slanderously called me a neo-Nazi. His libelous accusations cannot go unanswered.”

He has now modified the initial, false statement with another false statement, since I did not “slyly insinuate” that he was a neo-Nazi. If you have any doubt, just read my article. It’s not debatable in the least.

Wiles asks, “What provoked Mr. Brown to lash out and publicly defame my character? I said two words that sent him into orbit: ‘Jew Coup.’ Apparently, the Thought Police have banned saying anything that rhythms with ‘Jew.'”

Passing over his typo of “rhythms” for “rhymes,” the fact is that it was not simply his mentioning a “Jew coup.” It was his other, inflammatory statements, some of which I cited here, above.

Ironically, without referencing those statements (which, once more, gives his readers a misleading impression of what I took issue with), he seeks to buttress his fear-mongering rhetoric. This time, he blames the Communist Revolution of 1917 entirely on the Jews, who in turn, murdered millions of Orthodox Christians.

This, my friend, is what we are up against. This is why I sound the alarm. This is what you call the demonizing of the Jews.

Toward the end of his article, which is largely a defense of his anti-Semitic positions, he writes, “For the record, I totally reject evangelical Zionism. John Nelson Darby was an occultist. Cyrus Scofield was a lying, deceiving swindler and conman.”

Here, too, he totally misses the point (whether his charges against Darby and Scofield are in the least bit accurate, I have no idea). The fact is that Darby and Scofield taught dispensationalism, and I am not a dispensationalist. Nor were Church Fathers like Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Origen, Chrysostom, Augustine and Jerome. Nor were Puritans like John Owen or Anglicans like J. D. Ryle or Baptists like Charles Spurgeon or Presbyterians like Robert Murray M’Cheyne.

Yet all these men believed in a distinct, blessed future for the Jewish people (even those like Chrysostom who elsewhere blasted the Jews). And many of them emphasized the future return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, as foretold in the Bible.

But it is not enough for Wiles to misrepresent my position. He must end with an overt threat:

“I must contend with Michael Brown, Jan Markell, Laurie Cardoza-Moore and other slanderers smearing my name and ministry. For now, I recommend that they ask their attorneys to define defamation of character and libel, and make sure their liability insurance policies are in force. The same advice applies to the Christian organizations that are publishing their hit pieces or broadcasting interviews that defame my name and reputation.”

Mr. Wiles, I am not slandering you or smearing your name and ministry. Your own words condemn you, sir. You are guilty of spreading lies and inciting fear concerning the Jewish people.

There is not a syllable in anything I have written or said that is defamatory, nor have I broken the law or violated Christian ethics in the least.

And it is for the sake of the name of Jesus, for the good of the Body and for the good of the Jewish people that I am calling you out publicly and urging you to repent.

What is hurting you is your words, sir, not mine.

After all, as Dexter van Zile pointed out, “in one TruNews video, Wiles’ video declared that President Donald Trump secretly converted to Judaism in 2017. In another he declared that the ‘Anti-Christ will be a homosexual Jew.'”

Mr. Wiles, it was you, not me, who made the claim that ISIS did not really exist but was an Israeli operation. And it was you, not me, who made the claim that the sexual revolution was a Zionist conspiracy. And within the last week, sir, you stated that Democrats are forcing you to stockpile ammunition and weapons to defend your family and home in the event that Trump is removed.

Before God, I want to help you, not hurt you. And since I am acutely aware of how dangerous anti-Semitism can be, especially on the lips of Christians (see my book Our Hands Are Stained with Blood), I am urging you once more to humble yourself before God and repent.

And since I am a lover of the truth and want everything to come into the light, I present you once more with this challenge (which you have declined to date): Let’s have a formal, moderated debate about your charges concerning the Jewish people. And let’s livestream it for the world to see. I’ll even do it on your turf, on your broadcast, as long as I’m guaranteed equal time. Or we can do it in a neutral venue.

What do you say? {eoa}


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