The Sovereignty of God and the Brett Kavanaugh Hearings

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Politics

Those of us who believe that God is active in the affairs of this world recognize that things are not always as they appear to be. What looks like Plan B (or, for that matter, Plan Z) might have been God’s Plan A all along. What looks like a stumbling block might actually be a stepping stone. What looks like failure might actually be the path to success.

So, what is God doing through the Kavanaugh hearings? Is there more than meets the eye? Let me offer some suggestions.

First, the hearings have unleashed a torrent of demonic hatred.

We already knew how fierce the opposition was to Roe v. Wade. We knew how much the pro-life position was despised. But these hearings have put that hatred on full display, and it is ugly. Very ugly.

As brutal as these hearings have been for the crucial participants (especially Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford), and as traumatic as they have been for the nation, they have helped to reveal just how virulent this destructive ideology really is.

Second, the hearings have revealed just how far the Democrats will go to defame and destroy a political opponent.

The Republicans certainly have their faults, but they do not have the same history of “seek and destroy” that the Democrats have. They do not specialize in this level of character assault.

Even before the sexual assault allegations were made public, some of the Democratic senators had employed cheap and ugly tricks in order to mischaracterize. And what is the offshoot of this?

As suggested by Jonathan Hinderaker on the Powerline blog, “I think that Judge Kavanaugh’s pristine reputation is one reason why the Democrats have unleashed against him a smear campaign unparalleled in American history. This is the message they are trying to send: If we can do this to the Boy Scout Brett Kavanaugh, we can do it to anyone. Are you thinking of serving in a Republican administration? Or accepting an appointment to the federal judiciary from a Republican president? Think twice, and then think again.”

Third, the hearings have not only further heightened our awareness of the #MeToo movement, but they have also helped birth the #FalselyAccused movement.

On the one hand, many more women feel empowered to tell their stories, which is important and liberating. May they find justice as well as personal wholeness.

At the same time, the negative side has emerged, namely, that all men are presumed guilty and all women presumed innocent. This had led to many shouting, “What about those who are #FalselyAccused?”

Fourth, the hearings may just provide enough pushback to the expected midterm losses for the president that the blue wave will not materialize. This will allow President Trump to continue moving forward with his agenda.

As the Democrats have overplayed their anti-Kavanaugh hand, sentiments seem to be rising against them. Could it be there will be another November surprise, just as there was in 2016?

Fifth, the hearings have helped to awaken Christian conservatives around the country.

As I wrote previously, “As Brett Kavanaugh just learned, this vicious attack will hit your children (and grandchildren) directly. And if we fail to speak and act and stand, we fail to protect those we love the most.

“To repeat: To remain silent today is inexcusable.

“The Kavanaugh hearings made that very clear. Bitingly clear. Strikingly clear. Screechingly clear. We have to be tone-deaf not to hear it.”

Sixth, the hearings will better ensure that we have God’s best choice for the Supreme Court.

I remain hopeful that Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and I believe he is well-equipped for the job.

But what if he was not the best choice after all? What if, somehow, he doesn’t get confirmed? Could it be that someone like Amy Coney Barrett was the first choice? Could it be that the divine priority was always overturning Roe v. Wade, and that she would be the best choice for that task? And could it be that, with the savage attacks on Kavanaugh as a male, it would be virtually impossible for the Democrats to attack a woman with similar venom? (For that matter, could the Democrats and media use the same tactics yet again even against another man?)

Obviously, these are simply suggestions rather than prophecies or divine declarations. But some of them, I believe, are clear for all to see.

And what about all the people involved? After all, Kavanaugh and Ford and their families and the senators and their staff and the media are not just inanimate chess players. They are human beings with feelings and emotions. They are people loved by God, not just tools that He uses. What about them?

Well, here I do not need to speculate. If they will put their full trust in the Redeemer and surrender their lives fully to Him, then whatever people mean for evil and whatever mistakes they have made can all be turned around for good (see Rom. 8:28).

After all, the greatest crime ever committed by the human race—namely, nailing the Son of God to the cross—is God’s means of salvation for that same human race.


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