Michigan Hospital Officials Tell Sons: Without COVID Shot, You Cannot Visit Dying Mother

by | May 4, 2021 | Culture

An elderly Romanian immigrant lies dying of old-age complications in a Troy, Michigan, hospital. Her sons, both deacons in their churches, want to pray over and anoint their mother before she passes. One of them drove 800 miles to help his brother anoint their mom before she takes her last breath.

But the hospital will not allow either of these sons to see their mother, let alone deliver last rites—because neither will take a COVID injection.

The sons have offered to use every possible protection other than the COVID shots because they have religious and moral objections. They volunteered to wear the most extreme personal protection/biohazard gear and undergo any type of COVID testing prior to a visit.

Still, the hospital will not let these loving sons near their mother unless they take the experimental, “emergency use only” COVID shots.

Yet, the hospital’s policy states that patients who do not have COVID, are in serious or critical condition or who need help communicating, may have visitors. When we received the call for legal help, we immediately went to work to assist this family.

This family’s deeply held convictions prevent them from taking the shot. But the hospital refuses to honor their religious exemptions or reasonable requests. Now this faithful woman lies dying, unanointed and alone.

Sadly, too many businesses, hospitals and government entities seem to have forgotten freedom and have totally abandoned common sense. But we are going to help them remember!

The decision to take the COVID shot is a personal one. Considering that all three currently available shots (Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson) are experimental, are not FDA-licensed and have known adverse reactions and deaths associated with their use, under federal law no one may be coerced to take such injections. And personal decisions to take a shot or not should be fully informed.

One source of information that the media ignores is the U.S. government’s VAERS system. This system, often referred to as the “vaccine injury reporting system,” typically lists less than 1% of the total vaccine injuries. The real numbers are likely 90-99% higher.

Even at less than 1% of actual injuries, the numbers are startling. VAERS reports that last week alone, there were 37 miscarriages, 358 deaths and 32,822 “adverse reactions” not yet resulting in death.

This means that last week in America, there were five miscarriages, 51.1 deaths and 4,688 COVID shot injuries per day.

Worse yet, when one considers that the VAERS system historically reports less than 1% of all vaccine injuries, it becomes clear that the COVID shots are killing more people daily than 9/11 did.

Nonetheless, misguided businesses, hospitals and bureaucrats continue to try to force Americans to take these injections.

Our work in stopping mandatory injections is gaining traction. Since we began messaging and you began responding, 45 bills have been introduced, including in the U.S. House, to ban vaccine passports and the associated tracking and tracing.

Yesterday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill banning vaccine passports by government and private businesses. State legislators and executives are hearing you loud and clear, but we have a long way to go. {eoa}

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