Hollywood Gives Abortion an R Rating

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Culture

Hollywood, which worships at the altar of a woman’s “right” to abortion, is about to be shaken by a new movie. It is called Unplanned, and it tells the story of Abby Johnson, formerly a Planned Parenthood clinic director but today a passionate pro-life leader.

The film, which cost $6 million to make, was “written and directed by Cary Soloman and Chuck Konzelman, the writers and co-producers of God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2, both of which were also distributed theatrically by Pure Flix.”

Remarkably, “The filmmakers say they made Unplanned in secret under an assumed name due to its controversial nature and that its plans to feature portions of several mainstream pop songs were scaled back after major labels refused to license music to them.”

How dare they challenge the abortion industry.

How dare they expose the murderous nature of this “health-care procedure.”

How dare they use Hollywood to confront one of Hollywood’s deities.

How dare they try to use popular music to undermine a popular idol.

A search for the words “Hollywood pro abortion” yielded headlines like these:

“Hollywood glorifies pro-abortion Ruth Bader Ginsburg in new bio film” (Jan. 4, 2019).

“Hollywood Celebrities Now Celebrating Abortion With Pro-Abortion Jewelry” (Aug. 22, 2018).

“Mila Kunis’s ignorant comments reveal how pro-abortion Hollywood is” (Aug. 15, 2018).

“Hollywood Makes Its Position on Abortion Clear with Three Pro-Choice Films” (Sept. 26, 2017).

Is anyone surprised?

Pure Flix says it will release Unplanned on 800 screens on March 29, which is a remarkable accomplishment, given the intensity of the opposition to the pro-life position.

Expect protests of theaters.

Expect character assassination of those involved in the movie (not to mention of Johnson herself).

Expect intimidation.

Expect a glimpse of what I refer to as Jezebel’s War with America. It will be fierce, and it will be ferocious.

Grace Carr shares some of Johnson’s story.

She “worked at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan, Texas, until 2009 when she left the organization after assisting in an ultrasound-guided abortion of a 13-week-old unborn baby. Johnson was Planned Parenthood’s youngest director of a clinic in the nation.

“She helped over 22,000 women have abortions during her time at the clinic. Planned Parenthood named Johnson as the employee of the year in 2008. She worked at the abortion provider for eight years before leaving the group. Johnson also had a medication abortion before she became pro-life.”

So, seeing the reality of what abortion did to a child in the womb changed the heart of this zealous Planned Parenthood employee. And now, the movie Unplanned is positioned to change the hearts of millions of potential viewers.

There’s only one problem.

A young person will not be able to see the movie without the presence of an adult.

That’s because the movie has been rated R because of “disturbing images.”

So, as the filmmakers point out, “many teenage women in this country who can legally obtain an actual abortion without parental permission will be prohibited from going to see our film containing simulated images of abortion, without obtaining parental permission.”

How outrageous is this?

According to the world, the act itself should be shouted and celebrated. The act itself is liberating not disturbing. But images of the act are too disturbing to view without parental oversight.

Not only so, but a 16-year-old can decide to get an abortion without informing her parents. (We’re talking about a significant, life-changing, surgical act. One that can impact this teen for the rest of her life.) Yet she can’t see a movie about abortion without parental permission.

What a damning expose of our moral confusion and hypocrisy.

But this film will pull no punches.

As Johnson stated, “We are pushing the boundaries of what has never been before on such a wide scale by showing America exactly what abortion is—and abortion is disturbing. It’s violent.”

She continued, “In my opinion, one of the most impactful films of our time is The Passion of the Christ. It was rated R. So I feel like Unplanned is in good company. An R rating from the MPAA isn’t going to slow this movie down. I believe people are ready for the truth.”

I would encourage you to see this movie as soon as it comes out.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if some of the 800 theaters that plan on showing Unplanned will cave quickly to the pressure that will surely come their way.

But this will only increase the movie’s momentum.

A hellish secret is about to be exposed.

The stronghold of abortion is about to be threatened on the big screen.

The battle for life is here, and the battle for life is pitched.

Invite your “pro-choice” friends to see Unplanned if they dare.

And prepare for a visceral reaction.


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