Gospel Under Threat in End Times America

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Culture, Politics

If Christians in America want to continue enjoying the freedom to worship God as they see fit, or any religious group and people of faith, then there needs to be a stand against radical politicians looking to strip them of their rights.

As the citizenry of the United States becomes less faith-oriented, so too does their belief that religious freedoms need to be protected.

Now, Democratic lawmakers are introducing legislation in two states, Delaware HB 74 put forward by state Rep. Eric Morrison and Vermont Senate Bill 16 introduced by state Sen. Richard Sears, to strip the Catholic Church of its “seal of confession” protections.

Essentially, the seal of confession is the sacred duty of the priest to keep the confessions of a person between them, the person confessing and God. It forbids the priest from sharing any information about the sin itself and the person who confessed its identity.

In the case of the two proposed pieces of legislation, as reported by The Blaze, the bills “would remove priests’ right to a privileged conversation during confessionals if the member reveals information about child abuse or neglect.

“It requires priests to report child abuse and neglect or to give or accept evidence in a judicial proceeding relating to child abuse or neglect,” the Delaware legislation states.

That does not sound bad, right? It is for the safety and protection of the children according to the government, and you can always trust the government…right?

Sadly, no.

The politicians in America have for decades shown they cannot in fact be trusted, and often hide their true intentions with a thinly veiled, innocuous reason that few could object to, such as keeping children safe.

Except that these religious freedoms are some of the last remaining bastions of freedom that the enemy, who is Satan, needs to remove to continue turning America from God and suppressing the very freedoms this country was founded on.

To strip away this sacred duty from the Catholic Church would easily spiral into pastors of all denominations having to report to the government potential crimes, abuse or any situation that falls under the umbrella of government oversight.

No one is saying the abuse or neglect of an innocent child is even remotely acceptable, but when that situation is used, purposefully, to strip away rights from religious groups, then there is a far more nefarious plot afoot.

Do not be deceived into thinking this attempt at removing religious rights is a new occurrence, either. According to President of Catholic Action for Faith and Family Thomas McKenna, “This is not the first time this has come up.

“But what is at stake here is the real persecution of our Catholic faith because confession is not a therapy session … discussion, or therapy group, because when a person comes to confession the priest is acting in the person of Christ. This would be a persecution of the Catholic Church because a priest would go to jail before they would reveal someone’s sins,” McKenna stated.

Rep. Morrison claimed in a post on Facebook that the bill is “in the best interests of our children” and that “all Delawareans should be mandatory reporters of child abuse and neglect.”

The day is coming when there will be an attempt to outlaw the Bible. It is already being called a book of hate, and the Word of God rightfully predicted that it would.

The world hates Jesus, and His followers. The attempts to silence the gospel of Jesus Christ will not stop. Instead, it will only become more intense. So much so that the Tribulation will eventually take place because the world has become so engulfed in sin.

As this persecution continues, will Christians in America weather the storm and stand up for Christ as society shuns His name? Or will they conform to the world due to their faith not being built on a firm foundation?

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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