5 Reasons Why We Must Not Cease Praying

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Culture

Awaken us, Lord! Call us to our stations for prayer. We seek You for wisdom, strategy and discernment in these days! Find us faithful in prayer.

We all have election fatigue—yes, it’s real. And before I go further, I want to thank the thousands of intercessors who have faithfully prayed for and about the election this year. It was an amazing combined effort. Millions were prayed for on the map. Now we are faced with mass amounts of confusing information on the current state of the elections. Revelations are happening nearly hourly. Chaos creates confusion, distraction and paralyzing inaction.

The enemy thrives in chaos. Let’s bring some clarity and focus to the big picture.

What happens if we pull back from praying with the same fervency that we had before the election?

As I was driving to work this morning, I feel that the Lord gave me that answer and downloaded five dangerous results from the body of Christ stepping back away from the prayer battle in our nation. These five dangerous results also can be points of prayer.

Dangerous Result No. 1: Punishment or retribution against those who are ideologically different than the ruling elites in our nation.

Jonathan Turley reports that a Democratic member of Congress, Rep. Bill Pascrell of New Jersey, is seeking the disbarment of about 12 of the attorneys who are participating in the election litigation efforts on behalf of the Trump campaign or conservatives. Some of the lawyers right after the election stepped down because of harassment and the cost to their practice of being involved. Michigan Representative Cynthia Johnson lobbies threats against Trump supporters, invoking action by “soldiers.” This same Representative attempted to dox witnesses testifying about voter fraud in the Michigan hearings. We will see an increase in these kinds of actions and threats. We need to pray.

Dangerous Result No. 2: Inherent corruption will be embedded deeper into the recesses of government.

One of the recent “wins” has been the dismantling of some of the deep state and its influence in our government and nation. It has taken great time and effort to unravel those webs. If we see a globalist-friendly leftist government take power, we can be assured that those who are burrowing into the fibers of our government will do so more deeply and more firmly. Some say that the surface has just been scratched over the past 3.5 years, and with the recent revelations of corruption and shadow government actions within the FBI, for instance, we are learning just how damaging the deep state can be to honest and transparent government. We need to pray.

Dangerous Result No. 3: The danger of current and increasing Chinese influence and authority in our nation.

The thread that was pulled in the search for election fraud has unraveled a massive network of Chinese infiltration and control. A video (that is being censored online) features a Chinese professor explaining that Beijing has “people at the top of America’s core inner circle of power.” We have seen the communist Chinese government increasingly gaining control of facets of our nation. Most manufacturing in our nation is done “off-shore.” China is vigorously seeking to oust the U.S. as the standard monetary unit worldwide. China even has tentacles in Wall Street. There are key politicians who are compromised. Rep. Eric Swalwell had a romantic relationship with a Chinese communist spy—and even took her recommendations on staff hires for his government office. Swalwell served on the House Intel Committee—still does. Reports are that Christine Fang had relations with other politicians and officials. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp met with the Houston Chinese Consulate, where he met with Li Qiangmin. Approximately 17 days later, he inked a deal for Dominion Voting Machines (owned by China). The Chinese article about that has since then been wiped. Let’s not forget Senator Dianne Feinstein who employed a Chinese spy as her driver for over 10 years. The Chinese communist party employs tactics that seek to exploit the weaknesses of those they are targeting. A document shared by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo clearly states that. According to inside information, Beijing, China, has been influencing American policies for decades through a special undercover network of “old friends” who were at the highest levels of the U.S. government and financial institutions. Left unchecked, these instances will only grow and become more damaging. We need to pray.

Dangerous Result No. 4: Structural changes to the fabric of our nation’s culture and framework.

We have seen the relentless pursuit of pushing radical agendas in our nation over the past decade. The “Change You Can Believe In” promised in the Obama administration will be unfettered in a Biden/Harris administration, heralding all-encompassing LGBTQ legislation like HR5 and the push to force girls to allow boys in locker rooms and transgender males to compete in women’s sports. Biden’s proposed Health and Human Services Secretary California Attorney General Xavier Becerra will shift the HHS back to advocating for federally funded abortions and more. Single payer healthcare and mandated vaccinations are also favored by Becerra. Religious freedom for Christians will be greatly impacted in our nation. Christian Schools could face crushing consequences from the government with threatened closure for not including LGBTQ agenda curriculum, and universities could lose accreditation for teaching biblical science on creation and pro-life biology. Another darling of the progressives are HR1 which will change election systems nationally, and of course the Green New Deal, which will impact every aspect of public life with the far-left policies. These policies will not just be bad law but will fundamentally transform our nation. We need to pray.

Dangerous Result No. 5: National security risks at home and abroad.

Bad actors are waiting in the wings for a vulnerable United States to falter. In fact, we see threats to our security increasing with the infiltration of China. There are reports that China is aggressively chipping away at our national security through technology, helping incite violence by funding Antifa and other groups rioting. China is not the only danger. Our nation is at risk when we are having to be focused on issues such as the election aftermath and when our military and state department are more concerned with exporting ungodly values such as abortion and LGBT issues to other nations. We will see this vulnerability increase if we are not engaged. We need to pray.

Yes, we are all tired. But the enemy would like to lull us into complacency, using our exhaustion and the pleasant diversion of Christmas to keep us from engaging in needed warfare. Pray for one another as intercessors. Rest up; prepare for this as a marathon, not a sprint. We need to press on. Adjust your spiritual armor and keep praying. These battles our nation is facing will not be won without “air support.” There are many in our nation who are not even aware that America is facing a spiritual battle in addition to what we are seeing in the natural. That is where we are needed. Intercession for these times is key.

Here are four ways you can pray:

—Pray for the people behind these issues above. Pray for those engaged in fighting voter fraud, bringing lawsuits and testifying about wrongdoing.

—Pray for justice to break forth. My friend, IFA contributing writer Gloria Robles, shared with me that she has been impressed by the Lord that there is a spiritual battle for justice in our nation. “There is a shaking coming to the judicial system,” she felt Him say. Many of these issues have to do with justice at their core. Gloria has urged us to pray for each member of the Supreme Court and those in the justice department. She shares, “I don’t know what the shaking is that’s coming, but I’m praying that corruption will be exposed and removed from our judicial system. From the Supreme Court, district and circuit courts, even any corruption within the DOJ.” Pray for each Supreme Court justice by name in your prayer time.

—Pray protection and wisdom for President Trump and other leaders who are seeking to root out corruption. We need to be like Aaron and Hur, holding up the arms of our frontline leaders who are standing.

—Pray for the Church. God created us to be salt and light. Pray His people would be awake, discerning, bold and faithful. As Ephesians says, “having done all, stand.”

For more on the miracle-working power of prayer, listen to Headline Prayer on the Charisma Podcast Network. {eoa}


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