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Cracking the Communication Code
By Emerson Eggerichs,
Integrity Publishers, hardcover, 304 pages, $22.99.

In his latest book, Cracking the Communication Code: The Secret to Speaking Your Mate’s Language, Emerson Eggerichs enthusiastically explains how husbands and wives can learn to live in harmony and even become positively energized by each other. The author, who has a master’s in communication, a master of divinity and a Ph.D. in child and family ecology, uses the principles from his book Love and Respect to provide a successful communication approach for any couple. Eggerichs’ overview of the principles in this follow-up release serves as a refresher for those who have read the previous title, but also gets new readers up to speed. Eggerichs explains the God-designed differences between men and women. He also describes the responsibilities each gender has to show unconditional love or respect for the other. With the lessons gleaned from Eggerichs’ book, couples will find themselves one—or even two—steps closer to cracking the communication code.
Kristi Shores


Delivering the Captives

By Alice Smith, Bethany House, softcover, 192 pages, $14.99.

Strategically getting to the root of a problem is the main theme in Delivering the Captives: Understanding the Strongman and How to Defeat Him by Alice Smith. “Whatever God hasn’t planted must be uprooted,” Smith says, “which will require our renouncing evil connections that would otherwise limit our liberty in Christ.” By recognizing where in our lives we have opened a door to evil influences, we can take responsibility for the ungodly things in our lives. When we see that we have allowed a stronghold to be built, we then have the authority to tear it down. The message in this book bypasses the symptoms of evil and gets right to the root—the strongman. Through personal stories of her ministry experience, Smith illustrates and teaches us how to unravel the power of the strongman and defeat him for good! Delivering the Captives is stocked with prayers and spiritual tools that will effectively set you on a path of freedom and victory.

Breaking the Bonds of Evil
By Rebecca Greenwood, Chosen, softcover, 208 pages, $12.99.

In Breaking the Bonds of Evil: How to Set People Free From Demonic Oppression, Rebecca Greenwood offers an essential weapon for the arsenal of any believer looking to live out the full gospel of Jesus Christ. The author takes the reader step by step through defining and teaching what it means to be delivered to how to bring deliverance or freedom to those who are held captive by evil forces. She declares that through the cross we have authority to live a life free from the influence and control of our enemy, Satan. Greenwood also answers many questions that seem to go unresolved such as “Can Christians have demons?” Breaking the Bonds of Evil is an atlas of sorts, mapping the way to freedom for so many who lost their way and became entangled in Satan’s grasp.

Defiant Joy!
By Carol McLeod, Vision Imprints Publishing, softcover, 208 pages, $13.99.

Carol McLeod thinks many Christians are like whiny, spoiled brats, acting as if the world revolves around them. Instead they could be experiencing joy—a joy that doesn’t come cheap, but gets you through the worst of times. McLeod, a pastor’s wife, mother of five, and a speaker at women’s conferences and retreats, challenges Christian women in her book, Defiant Joy!, to rise to the challenge: “Joy is not a spin-off of obedience to God, but joy is obedience to God.” The price to pay is daily quiet time, reading the Bible, and being on guard against emotional diversions such as bitterness and worry. McLeod writes that instead of letting emotions rule, women desperate for God’s joy can just choose to have it.

By Thomas Nelson Inc., softcover,
416 pages, $16.99.

BibleZines are Bibles formatted as magazines with articles interspersed with Scripture. Redefine is the BibleZine for baby boomers, those born between 1940 and 1960. This New Century Version of the New Testament flows around articles by Chuck Swindoll, Max Lucado and others, and covers topics such as relating to adult children, missions trips, health and other issues relevant for this age group. BibleZines might not become Bibles used for everyday study, especially after the articles have been read. But the articles are likely to bring the
Scriptures to life in a whole new way, enhancing readers’ lives and relationships with the Lord.



By The Anointed Pace Sisters, Tyscot Records.

The Anointed Pace Sisters have spent decades creating soul-stirring gospel music. Return is no exception. The eight sisters jump-start the CD with the get-your-praise-on “High Praise.” And cuts such as “Reign Forever,” “Strategically Ordered,” “Contentment,” “The Words U Said,” “Hold On” and “Rescue” create a sense of joy or surrender as the group shuffles between Pentecostal praise and radical worship. Known for their testimonial-style singing, the sisters deliver strong messages of victory and assurance with cuts that include “It’s Already Done,” “God’s World” and “He’s Here,” featuring LaShun Pace. The project concludes with a message of hope and everlasting life with “Return.” Listeners who enjoy gospel music that stirs the soul and reaches the heart won’t be disappointed with this CD.


By Terry MacAlmon,

Terry MacAlmon Ministries.

On his latest CD, Holy!, Terry MacAlmon is accompanied by the Prague Symphony Orchestra as he leads listeners through an hour of instrumental praise comprised of two classically arranged suites. Each suite starts gently, interweaving MacAlmon’s soothing piano artistry with solo performances by David Cleveland (acoustic guitar), Kevin Burns (flugelhorn), Lucie Svehlova (violin), Roger Martin (flute) and Roger Weismeyer (oboe). As each suite builds, MacAlmon’s performance becomes more complex, though avoiding the keyboard “gymnastics” that often transform musical exaltation into unnecessary showmanship. Many of the songs are original compositions by MacAlmon. Yet, the musical sense of awe and praise they convey easily transcends their unfamiliarity. This and the printed lyrics on the CD’s inlay, provide further insight into MacAlmon’s anointing to magnify God’s glory and holiness. The bonus track “Love Theme (A Wedding Song)” gently provides the perfect ending to this stirring collection of worship songs.

Portable Sounds
By TobyMac, Forefront Records.

In a musical age known for its over-produced, ultra studio-generated sound, TobyMac’s third studio release, Portable Sounds, stands apart as a perfect combination of pure musicality and fresh, new melodies. TobyMac continues with the unique blend of rock and hip-hop that has landed him a spot as one of Christian music’s most successful artists, while adding more soul singing than on previous albums. Collaborations with artists such as Kirk Franklin, Joanna Valencia, and American Idol finalist Mandisa, help add strength of vocals, allowing TobyMac to showcase his creativity and signature style. Starting off with the already popular “Made to Love,” TobyMac showcases what is to come on Portable Sounds, with the ever-present live instrumentals and gritty, grass-roots sound that is his own. Other highlights include the funk infused “Boomin,” the reggae-esque “No Ordinary Love” and the CD-closing “Lose My Soul,” which brings personal honesty from TobyMac in a prayer-like anthem.


Planet Earth

Discovery Channel.

Descend 1,300 feet in the Cave of Swallows in Mexico. See the courtship ritual of Pink River dolphins. Watch more than 100 sailfish hunt together.

Discovery Channel’s new series Planet Earth offers numerous breath-taking images of places and animals rarely seen. The 11, hour-long episodes took more than five years and 2,000 hours to create. Filmmakers used highly sophisticated technology and occasionally had to wait many hours to capture the rare images.

The first episode, “Pole to Pole,” takes viewers to both extremes. Travel to the frigid plains of the North Pole and visit the emperor penguins.

While the female penguins leave to hunt for food, the males stay behind to incubate their eggs. The group lives in a massive rotating huddle to protect one another from the harsh winter.

Then travel to the Kalahari Desert in Africa as elephants, buffalo, baboons and other animals travel hundreds of miles through sand storms and glaring heat to reach the Okavango Swamp for water. Dive underwater and watch a young elephant swim.

In nature there is always danger and some animals die. But the scenes are not overly gruesome and should not be disturbing to most ages.
Viewers will be even more keenly aware of God’s amazing plan and realize that everything works together. God is a meticulous creator and the earth showcases His creativity.


No Legal Grounds

By James Scott Bell, Zondervan,
softcover, 352 pages, $13.99.

Sam Trask is a successful attorney who is finally living for Christ, has a great marriage and has balance in his life. But someone threatens to divulge secrets from his checkered past that could ruin everything. Sam and his family are in danger, but it seems the law can’t help. He has a choice: do nothing or take the law into his own hands.



By Randy Alcorn, Multnomah, hardcover, 432 pages, $19.99.

While working a case of a murdered professor, homicide detective Ollie Chandler concludes that the perpetrator might have been another homicide detective. In the process of this investigation, a detective is murdered. Ollie is determined to dig through the mess of lies and secrets to find the truth.



By Cathy Marie Hake, Bethany House, softcover, 384 pages, $13.99.

Just as Galen O’Sullivan begins to think of Laney McCain as more than just his best friend’s little sister, he is forced into a shotgun wedding—with another woman. Even though Galen is innocent, he is bound to his word and his new wife. Laney and Galen must let go of their love and trust God no matter the outcome.

New On DVD

The Nativity Story

New Line
Home Entertainment

The Nativity Story showcases the cultural difficulties Joseph and Mary faced as they prepared to become parents to God’s only Son. This young couple was challenged to remain faithful to each other and to God. This film is rated PG for some violent content. Download resources at

Moe and the Big Exit
Big Idea Inc.

Moe and the Big Exit is based on the story of Moses. Cowboy Moe (Larry the Cucumber) lives a fine life in Dodgeball City, but his kinfolk have to work hard. The mayor refuses Moe’s request to set his family free, so this cowboy does what has to be done. This DVD includes commentary, a discussion guide and additional fun features.

Fox Home

Katy McLaughlin wants to prove that she can train the wild stallion Flicka. Based on the classic novel My Friend Flicka by Mary O’Hara, this film displays breath-taking scenery and beautiful horses. Flicka is rated PG for mild language. The somewhat tense father-daughter relationship could serve as a catalyst for dialogue.


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