There Are Times in History…

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Charisma Archive

There are times in history when God moves through His leaders and people in such a way that everything changes.

Voting the right person into the White House will only take us so far. The deep and desperate change America needs will not come from the floor of the senate, but from the floor of the prayer closets across the nation and in our churches.

If we are going to lasting change and a true Great Awakening then there must be a monumental “paradigm shift” in our churches regarding the priority and power of “nation-changing prayer.” Remember Jesus’ mandate, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:17). Prayer is to be the catalyst of every church, not a last resort. For prayer brings God on the scene and releases His Spirit and divine will into our communities, our cities and our nation. The church must get this right, and until we do, we will continue to see limited results in our efforts, and there will be no Great Awakening or reformation of our nation (Zech. 4:6).

What We, the Church, Must Do to See Real Change

1. The pulpits hold the keys and must rise up and lead the way—humbly uniting in a baptism of genuine, nationwide repentance and nation-changing prayer. It all begins with the pulpits of America—from the pulpits, to the pews, to the multitudes.

2. Daily “nation-changing prayer” church-wide—nation-changing prayer is pure (unhindered), passionate (fervent) and persistent (relentless). Jesus told His disciples they should always pray and not give up (Luke 18:1, 7). The church praying God’s way—a paradigm shift—will bring a monumental shift from coast to coast.

3. “Glorious houses of prayer” must be everywhere—a “gateway” releasing heaven’s rivers of life to flow out and begin changing everything (Ezek. 47). Imagine the daily prayers of God’s leaders and people—rivers of intercession flowing into our communities and our cities and flooding the nation. Imagine a river of life that flows from God’s house (His dwelling place) and brings life, healing and restoration wherever it goes (Rev. 22; Ezek. 47).

What God Has Promised Us if We Will Do This!

This prophetic word came on the National Day of Prayer in 2009. God wants a “National Day of Prayer” type magnitude every day!

God is saying to His people:

If they will pray and press in, not just one day, but every day—they will see everything change …
They will see the things within their government changed.
They will see things in high places moved, changed, rearranged,
And come in line with what is divine.
And come in line with what I am calling this nation to.

If they will cause their prayers to pour forth like rain, like rain,
Then I will pour down My presence upon this nation.
I will pour down upon My church.
I will pour down upon My people.
And that which many have tried to do through the decades and have failed,
I shall do and I shall turn by My Spirit. I will change this nation.

God wants to bring the greatest awakening ever seen—He’s just waiting on us!

What must happen and what God is saying to America:

For more details, go to

It’s message is urgent, timely and prophetic—for such a time as this!

Darrel and Cindy deVille are founders of Shekinah Today Ministries and Pray, America Pray! They have a call to raise up the glorious church and turn America back to God. They are also preparing to launch a church in Frisco, Texas, to be a worship, prayer and biblical training center.



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