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Pastor Gives Book To Bahamas Leader

Charismatic Bahamian pastor Myles Munroe presented a copy of his latest release, The Burden of Freedom, to Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert A. Ingrahm in a Sept. 10 meeting with Charisma House publisher Stephen Strang, president of Strang Communications in Lake Mary, Fla.

Munroe’s book, which details the biblical principles by which individuals and countries can reach their full potential, has been sent to the leaders of 180 nations by Charisma House. Strang told the prime minister that the Bahamas had enjoyed sporting success in the recent Goodwill Games, and “we feel [Munroe] is a champion in the spiritual world.”

An internationally known conference speaker, Munroe is the founder of Bahamas Faith Ministries International in the capital, Nassau. He is also president of the International Third World Leaders Association, a leadership training
network for the developing world.

Munroe and Strang say the book can equip leaders to move their nations out of spiritual, mental, economic and physical bondage into true freedom. At the presentation, Ingrahm said Munroe was “very respected and admired by many people in the world.” A copy of the book was also presented to the country’s governor general, Sir Orville Turnquest.
–Larry J. Leech


Guarding Against Occultic Deception

Deliver Us From Evil
By Cindy Jacobs, Regal Books,
208 pages, paperback, $12.99

With interest in occult phenomenon clearly on the rise, author Cindy Jacobs sounds an alarm to the Christian community: Don’t be lulled into complacency. Portrayals of witches, “angels” and psychics in popular media are luring even uninformed Christians into dabbling in the demonic realm. Though some argue that these depictions are symptoms of a harmless fad, Jacobs writes that witchcraft in any form should be resisted.

In order to better prepare believers to avoid and challenge this new popular spirituality, Jacobs’ latest title, Deliver Us From Evil, offers a crash course in the various occult practices and discusses how the Bible denounces them. She explains the difference between the working of the Holy Spirit and counterfeit operations from unholy spirits. Yet all the while she is careful to reiterate that Christians are not to be afraid of the enemy’s attacks because God’s power is infinitely greater, and He has made every provision for our freedom and protection.

Christians, however, are to be on guard. Dividing the book into two basic parts, Jacobs first exposes the many ways witchcraft and occult practices operate. Then she goes into detail about how individuals can get free and stay free from demonic spirits. Jacobs also discusses breaking generational curses that may give spirits legal entry rights.

While the author urges readers to shun practicing the occult, she pleads for Christians to not become antagonistic toward those involved in occult activities. As a believer’s battle is not against flesh and blood, Jacobs cautions that those caught in the web of deception are curious about spirituality and have wandered down the wrong path. Jesus died to set them free, she writes, and wants to reveal His loving care.

With a chapter devoted to the Harry Potter phenomenon, this book is important for Christian parents who want to guide and protect their children. It will also prove helpful to intercessors who want to pray intelligently and ministry leaders who want to guard the Christian community.
–Deborah L. Delk

Preparing for Revival

Fire on the Mountain
By Louis Goldberg, Ph.D., Lederer

Messianic Jewish Publications,

268 pages, paperback, $17.99

If believers are faithful to follow the directions for revival outlined in 2 Chronicles 7:14, will the result be an awakening in their congregations, communities or the nation? Louis Goldberg, Ph.D., a leading Messianic Jewish author and former professor of theology and Jewish studies at Moody Bible Institute, says Christians cannot overlook the key element to revival: God’s divine timing.

In his book Fire on the Mountain, Goldberg examines the past renewals of Israel as recorded in the Old Testament, which is what he believes is the best textbook on how God spiritually awakens His people. From Moses in the wilderness to Nehemiah’s reconstruction of the wall, Goldberg studies the individual accounts of eight different men called of God and perfectly positioned by God to lead the nation
of Israel into renewal. He explains the obligations and the call of spiritual renewal, not only as it affected Israel long ago, but also as it relates to believers today.

Goldberg asserts that any awakening is never self-sustaining, and therefore each generation, as well as each individual, must learn to seek God earnestly and wholeheartedly walk in His ways. Seeking spiritual renewal is not merely for the blessing of the body of Christ, he writes, but that there may be evangelistic outreach, thereby changing congregations, communities and the nation.
–Donna Sullivan

Passion for God

It’s All About You, Jesus
By Fawn Parish, Thomas Nelson,
228 pages, paperback, $13.99

It’s easy to get distracted. Often the very thing Christians set out to improve or accomplish can become more important than the One they’re trying to do it for.
It’s All About You, Jesus is a tender reminder that the heart of all we do is Christ.

In 11 phenomenally well-written chapters, Fawn Parish–a worship leader and founder of the Ventura County, Calif., Concerts of Prayer–draws readers back to the heartbeat of the Christian faith: Jesus. She reveals how easy it is to develop a distorted emphasis on good things and offers practical insight on how to make Jesus the focus of every aspect of one’s life. The chapters are loaded with colorful stories, anecdotes and quotes.

This is one of the best Christian books of the year. Those who are passionate about God and maintaining a vibrant relationship with Him will love It’s All About You, Jesus.
–Margaret Feinberg


A Message Worth Talking About

Talk About It
By Nicole C. Mullen, Word

In her explosive new album, Talk About It, Dove award-winner Nicole C. Mullen offers an energetic listening experience filled with fresh sounds and inspiring lyrics. From beginning to end, Mullen packs the release with bold, passionate messages–from the title cut, which challenges listeners to boldly proclaim their faith, to “The Ring,” which speaks of abstinence, to “Let Me Go,” which talks of overcoming fear.

In “Black Light” Mullen challenges listeners to stand courageously against racism. The song was birthed from a trip to the civil rights museum in Birmingham, Ala., at which Mullen learned of white Americans’ involvement in the historic movement. She sings that people of all colors can be “black lights.”

The closing “When Heaven Calls” is a fitting follow-up to “Redeemer,” which won Mullen Dove awards this year in the Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year categories. The triumphant ballad speaks of the rapture or the time when a person meets his or her Maker.

Through the release, listeners not only will be entertained by the cool new sounds, but also inspired by the positive messages.
–Margaret Grady

No Ordinary Love

No Greater Love
By PDI Music

Rounding out the eighth release in PDI Music’s Come and Worship series, No Greater Love includes 12 new songs. Recorded in part in the United Kingdom with musicians from the British worship band Phatfish and in the United States with musicians from GLAD and PDI Ministries, the album offers fresh church-friendly songs with a tamed modern worship sound. The various talents used create a refreshingly diverse and unique worship project.

Produced by Steve Cook, the album is loaded with vertical lyrics and catchphrases that reflect on one’s personal relationship with God. While several cuts, including “Your Mercy and Kindness,” have a singsongy, predictable feel, songs such as “Greater Love” make this album well worth the purchase. Standouts include “Your Holy Majesty” and the delicate, piano-laden “Your Hand Upon Me.”

Whether looking for new songs for personal worship times or congregational singing, No Greater Love is a great find.
–Margaret Feinberg

Gospel Harmony

By Virtue, Verity

After a brief absence and the departure of original member Negelle Sumpter, Virtue is back as a trio with their latest release, Virtuosity! Filled with the fluid harmony, contemporary sound and Christ-focused lyrics that brought Virtue previous acclaim, Virtuosity! is marked by diverse musical styles, including Latin flavor on “Something About the Way” and an unusual Jewish flair on “I Am God.”

Largely upbeat and danceable, Virtuosity! complements the work of such artists as Trin-i-Tee 5:7, Mary Mary and newcomers Pam & Dodi. And though Virtue seeks to mentor young women, their music likely will not be pigeonholed as being mostly for younger audiences.

Including the classic “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and the jazzy “Down on My Knees,” Virtuosity! crisscrosses generations and maintains an important balance between ministry and entertainment. Their vocal strength and lyrical depth shine on “Till You Believe,” a soft, piano-driven tune that speaks of God’s power and provision toward those who trust in Him. Their voices weave seamlessly through the beautiful stringed orchestration, making the cut one of the standouts on the release.

Longtime Virtue fans won’t be disappointed. Well-produced and filled with excellent instrumentation, Virtuosity! proves that this group has staying power.
–Adrienne S. Gaines


Living Life Out of the Ordinary

Years ago, international Bible teacher Joy Dawson made a statement with enormous implications: “If only I could hear God’s voice, I would do whatever He told me.” Dawson says God’s response to that declaration has taken her on an exciting, lifelong journey that has become the foundation for her new book, Forever Ruined for the Ordinary.

Filling her work with anecdotes, Dawson offers biblical insights on how to make hearing God’s voice a way of life. She takes the guesswork out of discerning God’s voice by explaining sources of impressions that are received and how a person can ensure he hears only from God.

Dawson gives 25 ways God communicates with mankind along with 32 reasons why He delays answers. She also answers tough questions related
to divine guidance and warns about deception and presumption.

All this serves as a foundation for a section on obedience. “Highlighting the many ramifications of obedience and disobedience to God is one of the main purposes of this book,” she says.

Offering clear, practical teaching, Dawson writes convincingly that God will speak specifically about issues small and large, from finding a missing pen to choosing a mate. By challenging readers to live up to the standard of God’s Word, Dawson coaxes Christians to move beyond the ordinary and dare to live by the same principles that Jesus lived in relation to the Father.

Adrienne S. Gaines


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