Prayer Movement ‘Rising Up’ Australia

by | Feb 17, 2011 | Charisma Archive

Flash floods and a powerful cyclone have taken a toll on Australia this year, but in the midst of their hardship, many residents have found the “good news.”

Pockets of revival are breaking out in the country and miracles have been reported as a result of the prayer movement “Rise Up Australia.”

Australia was once considered a Christian nation, but aggressive secularization has caused many people to grow cold to Christianity.

Only about 10 percent of the population regularly attends church, yet a number of churches and ministries are becoming more resolute in praying for the nation and desperately crying out to God.

Radical Transformation
“Rise Up Australia” was started in 2000 by pastor Daniel Nalliah, president of Catch the Fire Ministries. Now, more than 10 years later Christians are gathering for monthly prayer meetings in 75 Australian cities.

“These prayer groups are focused on praying for breakthroughs. We are calling for a reformation of love. I know Australia will come to Jesus in the next 10 years,” he said. “The call of ‘Rise Up Australia’ is to get Christians here to pray for the transformation of their nation, and already because of prayer a number of miracles have been reported.”

Many say they’ve seen the deaf hear, the lame start to walk, and people set free from depression and demonic spirits.

Just two years ago, Elizabeth Ryan suffered from depression. She’s since been delivered.

“I was taking anti-depressant tablets. I wanted to be isolated. I didn’t want to go to church,” she recalled. “There was a lot of arguing. If we kept on that track, I would’ve committed suicide. Our marriage would’ve been broken.”

Ryan sought prayer during a revival night. She says that’s when she received healing and deliverance.

“Pastor Daniel cast out the demons out of me, and our marriage has been restored,” she said. “I just want to worship God like never before.”

Medical Miracles
Even Australia’s secular media has reported on the miracles. One of the country’s leading dailies, “The Age,” wrote about a woman who was raised from the dead.

Diana Shield suffered a heart attack while on a bus tour in Israel. Dr. Murray James-Wallace, an expert in cardiac resuscitation, was seated behind her and assures she was lifeless.

According to Dr. James-Wallace, Shield’s pulse and breathing stopped — a case of pulse cardiac arrest.

“In my experience, the chances of successfully resuscitating patients is under 10 percent,” he explained. “Most cases require electrical… so to put that all in a context of a bus, with one doctor, no equipment, no drugs. The chance of coming back is very slim.”

“I just collapsed. I went into a dark place and a voice that wasn’t nice said, ‘You’re going to die in Israel,'” Shield remembered. “And I said, ‘That can’t be right because I heard a word from the Lord this morning about the future of my life.'”

Dr. James-Wallace wasn’t able to revive Shield without the necessary medical equipment, so Pastor Nalliah prayed.

“The pastor said, ‘Spirit of death leave. Satan is the loser. Jesus is the winner. Life come back.’ She turned to him and smiled. At that point, I placed myself under the authority of Jesus. I prayed with everybody else,” James-Wallace recalled.

Australia’s Faith Revived
Pastor Bill Kolikata of Living Stones Mission Fellowship says he was also revived after suffering from cardiac arrest in Canberra. He said he died while attending a national prayer meeting in Australia’s parliament.

“My heart just stopped and reports in the hospital said i was gone for 20 minutes. The doctors explained to me he can’t do resuscitation on my mouth because there was no life, so he did it on my nose,” Kolikata said. “They felt the heartbeat again, but it was in and out. I was in comatose for three days. They prayed and commanded the spirit of death to leave.”

Kolikata said he went on a supernatural journey.

“I (could) see my body and saw the angels around me and they took me. I came to a beautiful place. On top of the mountain was a beautiful church strong. But one thing catches my eyes, the foundation of the building was made up of white sand,” he shared.

“The voice of the Lord said, ‘Son, what you are seeing now is the picture of my church in the world. It’s beautiful, but the foundation is very weak. You need to take this message to church,'” Kolikata continued.

Today, he shares that message with churches and anyone else who will listen.

Pastor Nalliah says he’s convinced God is pouring His spirit out on Australia after many years of prayer and intercession.

He believes the “Rise Up Australia” prayer movement will spread, and in the aftermath of drought, devastating floods and cyclones — Australia’s Christian faith will be revived.

Reprinted with permission from CBN News.


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