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Thanks for the editorial in the November issue of Charisma (“Don’t Crawl Off the Altar” by J. Lee Grady). There is a dying to self that must happen when we approach God and His altar.

Donald LeRoy
via e-mail


We have left God’s holiness for self and need God’s anointing on men and women who will go back to teaching these truths of the crucified life and power of the Holy Spirit. We need flaming ministries that will set the church on fire, if not for us then for the generations to come. May we have a fresh wind upon us to bring lost people to Jesus our Lord.

Janice Scruggs
Dandridge, Tennessee



Thank you for this wonderful news Charisma (“Christian Sisters Released From Iranian Prison”; Charisma News Online; November 18). I had been praying for the sisters to be set free since I heard the news early this year. It’s amazing how God raises His people to pray in far away lands. As Jesus did it for Peter, He has done it for these sisters. Let’s all keep praying and standing in the gap for our brethren being persecuted in other nations.

Helen Menkiti
London, England

After reading this article, I know the faith and trust that we have in Jesus Christ is never in vain. Even though we are thousands of miles away, we know that the prayer of faith in Christ’s name brings us nearer to those who are in need of prayer support and comfort. For those who are still undergoing persecutions and hardships for bearing the name of Christ, brothers and sisters, let us all stand together, praying for them that God will open doors for them.

Zenith Khonglah
Meghalaya, India


It was sad to see the Rev. Eric Brewer repeat in the Feedback section of the November issue the misguided and silly statement that you cannot legislate morality (“Conservative Christians Unconvinced by Obama Health Care Speech”; Charisma News Online, September 10). Every state law, every federal law, every city ordinance, even every parking ticket (for heaven’s sake!) is a statement of morality. 

To be sure, legislation cannot change the attitudes of people’s hearts, but it can in fact produce moral behavior. For example, states that have enacted parental consent laws, requiring parents to be notified before their teenage daughters get abortions, have seen significant decreases in abortions—proof positive that we can legislate morality. 

If 19th century evangelical Christians had followed Brewer’s exhortation to focus solely on soul winning while hoping that societal evils would (eventually) be addressed by the converts, slavery might still be legal in America. 

For Christians to readopt the wrongheaded “social reform is not the church’s business” attitude of many 20th century evangelicals that allowed the moral collapse of our society is to refuse the New Testament mandate to carry the gospel into every area of society, and to reject our Lord’s command to be salt and light.

Rev. Peter Marshall
Orleans, Massachusetts 


Political party affiliation, or the lack of it, should not make any difference when it comes to speaking out for or against issues that directly challenge fundamental Christian values (“Hate Crimes Measure Becomes Law”; Charisma News Online, October 28). We should always speak our minds about important issues without personal bias. Just because we know things are going to eventually get worse doesn’t mean we give up and cease to try and make things better in the spiritual and political arenas. No one knows the day or the hour of His return.

name withheld


The “gay” lifestyle is all about sex. Why is this being celebrated, accepted and protected? God’s Word declares sex outside of marriage, including homosexuality and lesbianism, is sin.

Chuck Johnson
via e-mail



Thank you for your excellent article “Stop Child Slavery Now” by Diana Scimone (November). As awareness increases and as Americans (especially Christians) help, we will see a reduction in this horrific crime.

Lucy Ann Moll
via e-mail

It is unbelievable how easily crime gets in from everywhere. Stop it at its entry point.

Betty S. Thompson
San Antonio, Texas



We can all forgive Roberts Liardon and move on (“Evangelist Roberts Liardon Leads London Bible College”; Charisma News Online, September 29). We should all judge ourselves in the mirror of God’s Word also. 

Of all the weddings I have been to in charismatic churches, only a very small percentage of the marriages are still functioning. At least Roberts confessed and worked to get it right. 

There are many whose lifestyles are worse yet they judged him.

Dean Gilliland
via e-mail


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