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My Turn

I enjoyed Julie Lyon’s story of deliverance from same-sex attraction (“My Secret Struggle,” May). Praise God for her courage in baring her soul.

Men and women—myself included—are being miraculously and undeniably delivered from bondage to homosexuality. In most instances there is a spiritual component associated with this problem. Those who walk out of homosexuality do so though the power of prayer along with faith in the redemptive love of Jesus Christ.

Further, I believe that some of the underlying factors in homosexuality include a rift in the same-sex parent relationship, in-utero rejection of the child’s gender and loneliness in childhood and adolescence. These can contribute to a propensity toward homosexuality.

Disillusioned and without God, these emotionally broken people begin to believe the lie of homosexuality. The popular mantra is, “I was born this way.” The Bible does indeed say that homsexuality is a consequence for sin (see Rom. 1:21-27), but the story doesn’t end there! The Scriptures go on to say that some of those same people were “washed and cleansed”—completely delivered from homosexuality. I praise God for Julie’s deliverance, for my own and for the freedom of those for whom I am praying.
Steve Rees
Longmont, Colorado

Reaching the Digital Generation

I really enjoyed your article about ministry on secular campuses in the United States (“God on Campus” by Suzy A. Richardson, September). Many rising freshman leave home unaware of the temptations and dangers that await them on campus, but I thank God for the ministries that reach out to our young people.
E. Johnson
Titusville, Florida

I was so excited to see the cover of the September issue. I almost ran for my scissors to cut it out, frame it and hang it on my wall! It was so refreshing to see nicely dressed Christian young people with smiles on their faces.

You see, I am very tired of the many pictures of the so-called worship leaders and Christian bands that look like they just crawled out from under a rock or out of the gutter. They look as if they are trying to compete with Hollywood and worldly bands. God forbid that they should ever smile.

I believe young people who are up front representing Christ should be role models. I know God saves us as we are, but He loves us too much to leave us that way. I know He looks on the heart, but a changed heart will also be reflected on the outside.
Curt Vieselmeyer
Boise, Idaho

God and the Apostate Church

David Kyle Foster’s article about the apostate church was refreshingly frank and focused (“The Judas Church,” September). However, I would like to have seen more attention given to the numerous individual evangelical churches within these openly apostate denominations.

Despite the statistically confirmed exodus of members from the denominations, there are many members who are reluctant to leave because their own pastors and congregations are staunchly biblical, and there are legal reasons why it is difficult for such churches to secede. They do, however, network with others in the same situation, as is the case with the Confessing Church Movement within the Presbyterian Church (USA).

I see in many Methodist churches strong signs of resistance to the denomination’s characteristic liberalism and instead, a faithfulness to the authority of Scripture—even accepting the reality of Satan. However many Methodists are still uncomfortable with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Richard H. Parvin
Clearwater, Florida

David Kyle Foster pulled no punches! He named names, he named denominations and he told it like it is. This is the kind of hard-hitting truth the body of Christ needs during these end times to awaken it from the lethargic spiritual stupor the devil has lulled it into.

I have family members who belong to the Episcopal Church USA, and I grieve for them. They know that what is happening in their church is wrong, but they are too comfortable.
name withheld
Jacksonville, Florida

David Kyle Foster’s description of the Judas church was right on. As a lifelong member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and a charismatic believer, I am appalled that the ELCA is moving toward inclusion of practicing homosexuals in the clergy.

At this year’s synod assembly, proposals to advance the acceptance of homosexual clergy were uppermost on the agenda—above missions or evangelism. I pray the Lord will open more people’s eyes to expose Satan’s deception.
Carolyn T. Linn
Fresno, California

Please keep publishing articles like David Kyle Foster’s exposé of the liberal, apostate church. It may make us a little uncomfortable, but if it lines up with the Word of God, we must hear it.

Because we are in a season in which God’s judgment is coming to the church, we must be willing to judge all things by His Word. My words are obviously worth nothing unless they line up with His.
Terry Walters
Gainesville, Florida

The Devil is Hiding

Your article on domestic violence was prophetic (“The Sin We Hide From View” by Marcia Davis-Seale, August). I am so grateful that Charisma is on the cutting edge spiritually. You go into the spiritual dark places where the devil has been hiding. Your article uncovered the terrible sin of family violence not only in the homes of the masses but also among church leaders.
Rev. M.C. Campbell
Victory Christian Center of Hollywood
Los Angeles, California

I too have been the victim of domestic violence. My husband and I were in the ministry, and my circumstances strongly affected my three sons.

I had to get a protective order from the court. The commissioner said to me: “Lady, it’s just a piece of paper. Protect yourself.” My husband was a backslidden preacher, and I can say that I am no longer in an abusive marriage.
name withheld

Superstar Christianity?

I am in total agreement with J. Lee Grady regarding his criticism of superstar Christianity (Fire in My Bones, September). These preachers who are ripping off parishioners need to refocus their attention on Jesus. They should sell their private jets, luxury cars and yachts and use the money to minister to the poor.
H. Charles
Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

I just finished reading about the appalling behavior of some preachers. Although I
have heard a few of these examples, I have never heard such egocentric tales of God’s servants. I cannot even imagine how this breaks the Father’s heart.
Lynn Mosher
Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you, Charisma, for honoring God. And remember when others don’t want the truth, you must still cry loud and spare not. Yes, we need love in the body of Christ, but we most certainly need truth that makes us free.
Helen Swift
via e-mail

Thanks for being a voice of scriptural reasoning in a time where human reasoning seems to be winning over biblical teaching.
Charles Venezio
Round Rock, Texas

Women in the Pulpit

I read your excellent article about women in ministry (“Make Way for the Women” by Maureen D. Eha, June). But I noticed that the feedback to the article from readers was mostly negative.

People have misinterpreted the Bible. History tells us the women of Corinth were loud, rude and disorderly—and that is why Paul said for the women to be silent.
Who tended to the Lord’s needs? The women who followed Him. Who went with the Lord to the cross and even to the grave? His women followers. More women need to take their place in ministry and listen to God.
Raymond Mestas
Durango, Colorado

When King Josiah needed to hear a word from God he went to a woman, Huldah (see 2 Kin. 22:11-14). Deborah was asked to go with the army when a man refused to go without her (Judg. 4:4). She left her husband at home, apparently. Phillip’s four daughters were evangelists.

Need I say more? Read your Bible! God is no respecter of persons.
Darlene Woods
Chamois, Missouri

Women received the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room in Acts 2. Why? So they could be better housewives and sexpots for their husbands? I admonish young women everywhere to be obedient to the heavenly vision—which has an eternal reward.
Lucie Shouse
Arleta, California

Isn’t it time for the church to set aside this argument about who has the right to equip others for ministry? If the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few, how can we plead for more workers and then disqualify some on the basis of gender?
Rev. Rosie Farnsworth
Kingston, Washington

We Need an Explanation

I’m disappointed by the recent divorce announcement made by pastors Randy and Paula White, and by the fight between Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III and his wife, Juanita Bynum. We all have problems. But to get a divorce and fight in public—how do you explain this?
C. Dennis
Perry, Florida

As a husband and father of two daughters, I was dismayed to read in our local paper that megachurch pastors Randy and Paula White are getting a divorce. Paula said she and her husband have grown apart in the pursuit of their ministries.
In your recent cover story on women ministers (June), you included a shorter article that contained advice for women. Step 15 said: “Don’t neglect your family. Take care of your husband, children and responsibilities at home.” Where in any of these steps is divorce recommended in order for a ministry to grow?

At a time when the family is treated with contempt, the church must raise a standard. I would rather see Paula step down from in front of the camera and stand with her husband. That would be a better example for the world and for other women in the church.
Brian Stembridge
Jacksonville, Florida

Turn Down the Volume!

Your readers have spoken out about the issue of worship and volume (Feedback, September). My wife and I have been to the last two Pikes Peak Worship Festivals and have truly enjoyed the experience of worship. It’s sad, but the churches just don’t get it. Worship doesn’t have to be loud to be anointed.

Remember that old song “God’s Not Dead—He’s Alive.” One could also sing, “God’s not deaf—He hears quite well.” The point of worship is to come into the Lord’s presence. I feel that music directed to Him gets His attention quickly.
Lenes Gomez
Port Allen, Louisiana


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