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He’s Got A Testimony

Thanks for sharing pastor Zachery Tims’ testimony with the readers of Charisma. (“Grace So Amazing” by Valerie G. Lowe, October). His story gave me hope and a reason to share my past life of drug abuse with people who struggle with the same addiction I once had. We can never read too many stories in your magazine about believers who get the victory over sin and the devil.
L.W. James
Syracuse, New York

Stop the Television Hype

Thank you for the column about Christian television (Fire in My Bones by J. Lee Grady, November). As a student of the Scriptures, I have yet to find God’s Word backing up these televangelists who preach during a telethon that God will make you debt-free and wealthy if you send them a $1,000 donation.
Edward Johnson
Charlotte, North Carolina

I have never seen so much junk on a so-called Christian TV station. I do have some favorite TV preachers, such as Perry Stone, David Jeremiah, Jesse Duplantis (he is always good for a laugh and very uplifting) and some others, but in general I am sick of TV preachers. Get real for goodness’ sake!
Louise Swedo
Bel Air, Maryland

I believe current Christian TV programming is designed to attract those who have fallen prey to satisfying their flesh. If spiritual leaders would listen more to their hearts instead of media marketers, Christian programming for all of us would improve. For now, PBS and the news are my options for TV viewing.
Name withheld
Locust, North Carolina

I’ve been praying about the issue of Christian television for some time and I feel as if God is answering those prayers! I’m thankful for most of the programming on Daystar and for the launching of God TV in the United States. But the majority of Christian programming needs a fresh breeze of the Holy Spirit.

I’m not over 75 years old but I’m very close—yet I don’t appreciate that old stuff. I love the new things God is doing among all generations.
Lois McDonald
Post Falls, Idaho

No More Politics?

I was disappointed with your decision to tell Charisma readers to vote for Republican senatorial candidate Katherine Harris in the primary election (Final Word by Stephen Strang, October). The most powerful thing we can do as Christians is pray, not vote for a particular person or party.

The ability to cast an informed, independent vote is one of the great benefits of our democracy. People should not be told who to vote for.
LaVonne T. Harmon
via e-mail

This letter is in reference to Stephen Strang’s column about politics. On one hand you say the First Amendment protects freedom of religion, but then you urge your readers to get involved in partisan politics to elect Republican candidates to office.
I would say that churches that become agents for the White House and engage in partisan politics might be influenced more by nonspiritual motives. As James Robison wrote in your October issue, “We have made such an idol of economic gain and material possessions, I am not certain brokenness will come, apart from the collapse of our economy and the loss of treasured possessions.”
Name withheld
Sunnyvale, California

It’s Time to Pray

Thank you for the article by James Robison (“Humility … or Humiliation?”; October). It was great to hear someone tell it like it is concerning our nation and the church. I would like to know if there is some way to get a National Day of Prayer for all churches to participate in.

We need to have major prayer gatherings for our troops in Iraq. I believe events can be turned around, like James Robison said, if we humble ourselves.
Angela Jones
The Villages, Florida

Editor’s note:
Thousands of churches participate each year in the National Day of Prayer. The next one will be observed on May 3. Also, the Global Day of Prayer is scheduled for May 27. Charisma also urges all readers to participate in revival “prayercasts” organized by Lou Engle’s ministry, The Cause. For more information log on at

Shame in the Sanctuary

The fact that a pastor was taking drugs and raping women in his congregation in Texas (News, November) is a sad commentary on the state of the church in America. It speaks of the lack of accountability in the church today. We must hold church leaders accountable as outlined in 1 Timothy.

So what can we do? Here is a solution for Charisma magazine: Please begin by calling pastors and teachers to be accountable for what they teach, just as the apostle Paul did. Second, name those who are acting like grievous wolves.
Phil Fletcher
Fort Irwin, California

In Stephen Strang’s Final Word column in November, we should have stated that Christian Life Missions is raising funds for The Joseph Storehouse ministry in Israel, not the Joseph Project. Charisma regrets the error.

My Turn

If Christian publications such as Charisma are going to openly endorse candidates and or platforms, then all aspects of the platforms should be considered. I fear that Christian organizations have blinders on and tend to see only “moral” issues such as abortion or having the Ten Commandments posted in public buildings.

I submit that every issue is moral, including poverty, access to health care, consumer protection (eliminating fraud perpetuated by large corporations on the public) and many other issues. You should openly question the Republican candidates and elected officials who espouse Christian values and back up their statements with their legislative record on all issues, not just the politically sensitive “hot buttons.” Sometimes their rhetoric is nothing more than manipulation.

Though I do not propose any particular course of action in this regard, I bring this to your attention to point out that our Republican-led Congress can also be unfriendly to religion when it clashes with their economic agendas. It is ironic that Congress has taken a shot at the very people who put a large number of them in office.
Adrian M. Lapas
Goldsboro, North Carolina


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