Stephen Strang: We Must Support Strong Christians Like Scotty Moore Running for Congress

by | Oct 4, 2022 | The Strang Report

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It is a perilous time that we are living in right now across America. With “cancel culture” running rampant, anyone who is vocal about Christian beliefs is called out and labeled as crazy or fascist. You probably know I believe that so strongly, that in 2021 I wrote “God and Cancel Culture” which you can buy here.

As the midterms approach we must urge our friends to vote. Many Christians are passive when it comes to voting, thinking their vote won’t make a difference. Or they think politics is dirty and don’t want to be involved.

This must change. Thankfully, Christians are running for office and they need our support. A relatively few extremists have taken over our government and we have a chance to take it back on November 8, only five weeks away.

America needs political leaders who champion values you and I hold dear. Not only will their votes help on critical legislation but they act as role models for other Christians to run for office.

One such man is Scotty Moore, who is running as the Republican nominee in Congress for the district 9 seat in Florida. As I find out about these candidates I try to interview them because the liberal media usually gives a distorted picture of their views.

Moore is running in the congressional district next to the district where I live, but I want him in congress because he’s a good man with good values. And he will replace an incumbent who seems to be in Nancy Pelosi’s pocket.

“When the Lord speaks you have two options. You can either obey or disobey,” Moore says during my ‘Strang Report’ podcast interview which you can listen to here.

American culture is becoming more and more liberal. When you look at the news, entertainment, media and arts they are often saturated with liberal ideology. Even in some conservative circles, they consider people who have a strong faith to be dangerous and untrustworthy in the political game.

Moore worked with Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) for over 20 years with his wife Ester. This is no small task. They raised all of their support working for CRU and were passionate about advancing the mission of the organization. Now he feels a new mission that God has put on his heart. Help save America for the future generations to come.

“This generation is at risk of not inheriting an America better than we received it and that is a travesty and we need to fix that,” Moore says.

Big things are at stake when it comes to who controls the House of Representatives and the United States Senate. It’s just a few votes on Nov. 8 that could flip the control Democrats have in the house to give a majority to the Republicans.

The world views of the people who are making decisions for our country are more important now than ever. We live in a divided nation and Christians have to take a stand for the right things even if it comes with harsh critic from the other side of the aisle. When you vote, you are making decisions for abortions, transgenderism in schools and record inflation prices.

We need people in congress to change what is going on in society today. Our Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is being politicized to the point that people no longer trust the government agency. This needs to change.

The people who proudly proclaim to be socialists are now in leadership positions in this country. Democrat run cities are overrun with homelessness, crime, drugs and people are leaving these cities in record numbers.

Fox News reports that California’s homicide rate jumped 9.1% from just last year with violent crime, property crime, rape and motor vehicle theft also jumping up. Despite those jumps in crime the number of arrests fell by 7%.

As these politicians continue to push to defund the police and go light on crime, Americans will continue to leave these cities to move to safer areas that are often run by Republicans.

Christians need to go out and vote, but also come together nationwide and look at the Republican nominees across the board and find ways to support them and get them elected.

If you aren’t in the greater Orlando area you may not be able to vote for Moore, but we can come together to save the future of American politics. Go to his website to donate to his campaign to help him get elected. We know leftists support candidates that further their causes. Christians must do the same. I personally donated to his campaign. If you resonate with what I’m saying, I urge you to support him too.


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