New Prophecy Movie Highlights Untold Prayer Movement That Led to Trump’s Victory

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Blogs, The Strang Report

Many people across the United States, and even the world, were shocked when Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016—but not Mark Taylor. Taylor, a retired firefighter from central Florida, says he received a prophetic word in 2011 that Trump would become president.

“The Spirit of God says, ‘I have chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this,” Taylor wrote in 2016. “‘… For I will use this man to bring honor, respect and restoration back to America.”

After Trump did indeed win the presidency, Taylor released a book called The Trump Prophecies. I was surprised that, despite Taylor being a first-time author, the book did extremely well. Even more surprisingly, the book is now being made into a movie called The Trump Prophecy, which will be shown in theaters Oct. 2 and 4.

Taylor gives God all the credit for the success of his book and new film. He says the prophecy about Trump led to a national prayer movement, which he believes propelled Trump to victory on Nov. 8, 2016.

I interviewed Taylor earlier this week about the prophecy he received and the nationwide prayer movement that came with it.

“So we saw a huge miracle take place,” Taylor told me in the interview. “There were a lot of things going on behind the scenes that people really didn’t know about, so to speak, that were more or less helping Donald Trump become the president of the United States—the repentance that was taking place on behalf of the people of the land and the prayer that was taking place, not only in the prayer call, but nationwide. That’s what this movie is about, basically.”

Taylor’s new movie tells the untold story of how God’s hand was on Trump to become president. In fact, I wrote God and Donald Trump and its sequel, Trump Aftershock, for the same reason. In the first book, I document the prophecies people gave saying that Trump would be president of the United States. After all, it wasn’t just Taylor who received a word like that. Others like Chuck Pierce, Frank Amedia, Kim Clement and even a Catholic holy man did too.

In Trump Aftershock, I highlight how the Lord has brought these prophecies to pass and how He is continuing to use Trump since his election. Although I don’t sugarcoat Trump’s flaws and mistakes, I still tell the positive story of God’s hand on Trump that the secular media don’t want to acknowledge. The book comes out Nov. 6, but you can pre-order online at Amazon. Visit to get more information and download several chapters free.

One thing I have found interesting as I’ve done interviews on secular media about these two books is that I’ve received virtually no pushback about the prophecies. In the more than 100 media interviews I’ve done, no one has questioned if prophecy is for today or if God was truly speaking to these people. I think the reason for this is that deep down inside, people have a reverence for the Lord and are secretly hungry to hear Him speak.

When I told Taylor about the lack of secular pushback on these prophecies about Trump, he agreed.

“It’s not the secular world, the trolls, you have to worry about most of the time,” Taylor says. “And even Jesus didn’t have to worry about that; it was mostly the Pharisees that attacked Him. It’s kind of the same thing in this realm.”

I hope believers across the nation will leave behind any political or theological bias and watch The Trump Prophecy with an open mind. My family and I plan to go see the film in theaters next week, and I highly encourage you to do the same. Because it’s a Fathom Event, though, you need to order your tickets ahead of time, which you can easily do online at

Listen to my interview with Taylor below to hear more about The Trump Prophecy and the prayer movement God is using to turn this nation around.


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