It’s Communist China, Not Russia, That’s Interfering With Elections

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Blogs, The Strang Report

There have been a lot of theories circulating the political arena lately that Russians are the ones influencing our government and our elections. But one national security expert says it’s not the Russians you need to be worried about. It’s communist China—and they’re using liberal groups to do their nefarious work.

Trevor Loudon is originally from New Zealand, but he now lives in Florida and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to national security in the United States. In fact, I interviewed him for my new book, God, Trump and the 2020 Election, which you can purchase at

Loudon sheds some light on how communist China is actually influencing American politics more than most people would like to admit. On my podcast today for my new show, God, Trump and 2020 Election, Loudon tells me that the communists are actually trying to flip Florida the way they did Virginia. How? Through a political, Maoist group called Liberation Road.

The group used to be called Freedom Road Socialist Organization before they changed the name to Liberation Road. They have a few thousand members nationwide and work heavily in politics and in the Democratic Party, specifically.

“They are the people who gave us Black Lives Matter, for instance. They created that,” Loudon says. “They’re the people who ripped down the Confederate statues in the South.”

Loudon says this group uses the same strategy Jesse Jackson used back in the 1980s—the Rainbow Coalition strategy.

“What that was is you get all the colors of the rainbow together to make it a progressive majority,” he says. “That is, you get the pressive white people, the progressive black people, the progressive brown people, Asian-Americans for the yellow stripe, Native Americans for the red stripe, the environmentalists for the green stripe, the lavender for the gay stripe—and this is his terminology. So you get all the minorities together to make a majority.”

Loudon says the same people behind Jesse Jackson were behind Barack Obama, uniting all the progressives together under one Rainbow Coalition.

The Liberation Road also has a front group in Virginia called New Virginia Majority, whose goal was to sign up about 300,000 new minority voters. They’ve worked with Virginia’s governor at that time, Terry McAuliffe, to legalize 200,000 felons and allow them to vote. Those are the extra voters who flipped Virginia, Loudon says.

“They also have a group called the New Florida Majority, which is also signing up hundreds of thousands of black and Latino minority voters in the suburbs of Jacksonville and Miami and Tampa, etc.,” he says. “And they are the people behind the referendum in Florida in 2018, which gave 1.4 million felons the right to vote in the state. They’re out there right now, busily signing them up to vote.”

Keep in mind that Donald Trump won Florida by 20,000 votes, which is pretty narrow. Loudon says this makes it clear what the implications are if 1.4 millions felons can now vote along with hundreds of thousands of minorities going to the polls who weren’t going before.

The thing is, Loudon says, Liberation Road isn’t hiding their strategy. They’re blunt and proud about their methods of flipping states.

The only thing they try to hide, he says, is their ties to communist China. And you can find that with a little bit of digging.

“One of the leaders wrote an op-ed in The New York Times the day after they won Virginia, telling everybody how they did it,” Loudon says. “The only thing she didn’t say was that she was part of a group run by pro-Chinese communists. They just pretend to be community organizers.”

But that’s not the only strategy this group is using. Listen to my podcast with Loudon to learn how leftist billionaire Steve Phillips not only has ties to communist groups, but also is using his fortune to drive the progressive agenda forward. Click here to listen!


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