If They Don’t Agree With Your Values, Expect to be Attacked Like This Christian School

by | Aug 30, 2022 | The Strang Report

Those who live by Christian values have always had values non-believers didn’t understand. As a kid my church condemned smoking, drinking, dancing and other things non-Pentecostals couldn’t understand. I guarantee the pulpit committee didn’t consider any pastor who did any of those things.

Over the years, the secular world has pretty much ignored religious nuts who could not only live such a rigid lifestyle, but sing and clap and pray loudly, often in unknown tongues. That’s if we didn’t interfere with what they liked doing. One hundred years ago the Christian taboo against drinking was so strong it resulted in the 18th amendment passed Jan. 16, 1919, in what we now call “Prohibition.” It was enormously unpopular and was repealed on Dec. 5, 1933.

We could use other examples but fast-forward to now where the general society wants to end unwanted pregnancies even though Christians call that killing an unborn baby. They want free-rein on any sort of sexuality whether it’s the grossest pornography, homosexuality and now even transgenderism. So who stands against those things? It’s not just Christians because sadly many who call themselves Christians compromise on those and other things. It’s Bible-believing Christians who not only live it but put it in their codes of conduct.

This is true when it comes to churches or religious educational institutions that need a code of conduct to achieve their goals and especially to train a new generation. This has been the case for years. Adultery, fornication, drinking, drug use etc. have been taboo at Christian schools. But now those who have an agenda to normalize such things feel they must be torn down by those who uphold such standards.

This is what happened to Barry McKeen and Grace Christian School in Valrico, outside Tampa, Florida. They have written values and they communicate them to the parents and students. They want those who are like-minded to agree with their values. Apparently, one parent didn’t and went to the news media which is only too happy to focus attention on such schools to make them look ridiculous at best, and intolerant bigots at the worst.

Charisma News picked up the story after the secular media played it up. We wanted to know what really happened. Shelby Lindsay, our new assistant editor, got the scoop by interviewing Pastor McKeen and getting his side. A week later I invited him to do a podcast to have a conversation on what really happened, and more importantly the big picture. If they can come after McKeen, they will come after your church, a Christian school in your area or even you—if you stand for truth and don’t back down.

It should be of no surprise that a Christian school has some policy in place that doesn’t allow any kind of sexual immorality in students, but the mainstream media firestorm surrounding Grace Christian School hasn’t died down. More media outlets are catching wind of the story first published by NBC News and now violent threats are being made against pastor and administrator Barry McKeen and his family.

After the school sent an email on June 6, reminding parents of the policy, the internal email got out and the school became a target for left-wing media outlets.

“When school started on the 15th, a reporter from NBC News was just blowing up my phone, and my email trying to get me to answer some questions, and I could see from his email where he was going with the questions,” McKeen said during our interview.

Unfortunately, not all Christian schools nationwide are standing firm in their beliefs with the push back from Democrats. McKeen spoke with an administrator from another Christian school who softened their language after a state official criticized their beliefs.

Like all other Christian institutions being targeted, Grace didn’t go looking for a fight but they also aren’t willing to compromise to the Democratic agenda.

True followers of Jesus Christ have stood by the school giving almost $30,000 in unsolicited donations.

“I kind of paint this a little bit like Joseph’s story, that you know what, what man meant for evil God is using for good,” McKeen says.

Grace Christian School started its 49th year this year and they are bursting at the seams like a lot of other private Christian schools nationwide.

The world needs people like McKeen who aren’t willing to compromise, but also speak truth with grace and love. “You’re going to have fights that you’re going to have to stand up for as we try to raise our kids in the Lord,” he said.

In Jonathan Cahn’s new book, The Return of the Gods, we see how Western civilization has been moving away from Christianity for several centuries, and now ancient evil spirits are trying to come back with vengeance. One of these spirits influencing the movement on sexuality.

“I think the agenda is so harsh against us and they’re going to do everything to shut it down. Millions of kids are leaving the public school, not just in our state, but all over the country because they’re indoctrination camps, and parents finally saw through it,” McKeen said.

Christians nationwide should be praying for revival, the change in people’s hearts and a change in the culture. God turns everything around and works all things together for good to those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.

Here’s what I suggest. Share this article and my podcast on social media. We can do at the grassroots what the mainstream media will never do—tell our side and speak the truth. Then, read Jonathan Cahn’s book Return of the Gods which will make all this make sense from a spiritual point of view. It releases Sept. 6 but you can pre-order a copy now. I will focus my podcasts in the next couple of weeks on this explosive new book.

If you would like to learn more about Grace Christian School check out their website: www.gracechristianschool.com.


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