How Spirit-Filled Christians Can Overcome Jezebel’s Evil Plot to Destroy America

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Blogs, The Strang Report

Something is going on in our country. It almost seems like things are spinning out of control. Christian cultural commentator Michael Brown says this is because there is a demonic plot to destroy America. In his new book, Jezebel’s War With America—which I had the privilege to publish through FrontLine—he lays out what he believes are the enemy’s strategies to undermine the United States and pull the nation further away from God.

I invited Brown onto my Strang Report podcast to discuss these demonic strategies. He says it was actually Pastor John Kilpatrick’s viral sermon that inspired him to write his new book. You may remember last year when Kilpatrick prophesied that Jezebel was coming out of the shadows to attack President Donald Trump. He called on all Christians across the nation to intercede for our president. (Click here to read and listen to my interview with Kilpatrick.)

Brown says he reached out to Kilpatrick and asked him and his church to pray over him. In turn, Kilpatrick asked Brown to speak at his church.

“As I was praying on what to speak about in October of last year—so 11 months ago—I started to look at this Jezebel thing,” Brown says. “And the dots started to connect, meaning in the Bible in the Old Testament and the New, this woman called Jezebel is associated … with certain similar characteristics. I began to look at those and then look at America today, and I said, ‘Wait a second. It’s the same demonic warfare, the same demonic powers and principalities that operated through Queen Jezebel in the Old Testament and this woman called Jezebel in the New Testament. They’re operating again today.'”

Some of the ways those demonic spirits are operating today is through sexual immorality, abortion, radical feminism and even a fascination with witchcraft and sorcery.

Brown says Jezebel of the Old Testament was an idol-worshipper. We see in 1 Kings 21:25 that Ahab did more evil than any of Israel’s kings before him, but he was “stirred up” by his wife, Jezebel.

“She emasculates men, she silenced the prophets, she was a murderer—she had the prophets killed,” Brown says. “We also know that in the ancient world that idolatry was often associated with sacrificing babies to idols. That was very common in the ancient world with idolatry, and it became something common in Israel and Judah. That’s one reason God brought such judgment on them.”

Radical feminism, Brown says, has helped further the abortion agenda in this nation. And this isn’t just a push for the right for women to get abortions if they’ve been raped or the baby is severely ill. Women are now “shouting their abortions” as if killing an innocent baby is something to be proud of.

“We also see [idolatry] associated with sexual immorality,” Brown says. “In 2 Kings 9, when Jehu talks about Jezebel’s sexual immorality and also about her sorcery, the King James says ‘witchcraft.’ And then in the New Testament, Jesus speaks about a woman called Jezebel. Was that her actual name? Could be. Was that the name He gave her prophetically? That’s also possible. And she’s associated with false religion. She claims to be a prophet. She’s associated with seducing God’s servants into sexual immorality and teaching them to eat food sacrificed to idols.”

The U.S. has seen an upsurge in sexual immorality in the last few decades. Pornography is easily accessible on the internet, including on smartphones. Then consider the recent legalization of gay marriage and even the left’s radical push to accept homosexuality and transgenderism.

It’s no coincidence that our culture’s fascination with sexual immorality has grown alongside its fascination with witchcraft. Brown says there are more witches now than Presbyterians, and Harry Potter books are still some of the best-selling books worldwide—not that Harry Potter is completely evil, but it reveals a widespread fascination with witchcraft.

So what can Christians do to combat these evil trends? Brown says we have to attack the demonic forces on two fronts—personally and nationally. On a personal level, believers must confess and repent of immorality in their own lives. For Christians struggling with pornography, that means they must decide they will seek to overcome it through the power of the Spirit and accountability from other believers. In his book, Brown lays out extensive steps Christians can take if they’re battling spirits of immorality in their lives.

On a national level, Brown says, Christians must strive toward national awakening, listen to the prophetic voices God has raised up in this hour and be willing to speak up against the evils in our country.

“This is really a matter of life and death,” Brown says. “I document it in Jezebel’s War With America, but in three different occasions in my life—some over a period of many months—I was really in a battle with this demonic power. And it was some of the most difficult seasons that I ever passed through. But Jesus is Lord. Satan is defeated. That means all of his minions are defeated. We can overcome. Let’s recognize the enemy, let’s get equipped, and I say, for the sake of our nation, in Jesus’ name, let’s see Jezebel come down.”

I hope Christians across the nation take Brown’s words seriously. This is a grave time in our nation, when demonic spirits are working overtime to throw down God’s purposes for the United States. But just like Brown said, if we’re willing to stand in the Spirit and go to war with Jezebel, we truly can see a turnaround in America. Are you willing to stand?

Be sure to listen to my full interview with Brown to learn how you can go to war with Jezebel—and win. And click here to purchase your own copy of Brown’s book, Jezebel’s War With America. {eoa}


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