How One Woman’s Simple Obedience to Holy Spirit Ignited a Nationwide Prayer Movement

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Blogs, The Strang Report

Prayer and intercession have always been an integral part of Mary Colbert’s life. Before Trump was elected, she not only believed the prophetic words that Trump would be elected, but she boldly told others about it and prayed according to the prophecies. But she didn’t just believe because others had prophesied. She, too, received prophetic confirmations that the business mogul would become the United States’ next president.

That boldness led her to start a prayer movement via conference call that quickly spread across the nation. On my podcast, Colbert shares the story of how the prayer movement started. Before she felt the urgency to get others to pray, she was—as she puts it—”kind of cocky” about Trump’s future win.

“What happened that shifted everything with me was when … I had a dream,” she says. “And after the dream, I woke up the next morning and told [my husband], Don, ‘I had the strangest dream that I’m supposed to watch the Belmont Stakes horse race next week.’ I’m not a horse race person. I don’t watch. But it was so clear in the dream that God had a message for me.”

Colbert told her friends and family that God wanted her to watch the horse race that week—and then she forgot to do it! When she realized she missed the race, she rushed to her computer and did a search on the internet for the Belmont Stakes horse race.

The first thing she saw was “Creator Wins in Photo Finish,” she says. The horse Creator beat was called Destin.

“I knew God was trying to give me a message: ‘Mary, I’m going to do this,'” she says. “I was being very cocky with people. I was like, ‘No, no, you don’t understand. Donald Trump’s going to be the next president.’ So one morning, I was praying and I heard the Holy Spirit deep inside of me—not like a voice outside but deep inside—I heard Him say, ‘Now, Mary, I’m going to do what I said I was going to do, but if you think it doesn’t require your participation, you need to think again.'”

That shook Colbert. She asked the Lord what He wanted her to do. Was she supposed to travel to different states, endorsing Donald Trump? Was she supposed to join other Christian influencers who were campaigning for Trump?

All the Lord told her to do was to call her son, DJ.

“As soon as I talked to DJ, his reaction was: ‘Mom, this is what you need to do. I use this in our business now all the time. It’s You can begin a prayer call with people all over the world right there in your backyard and talk to people and do a prayer call and never leave or go anywhere.'”

Colbert loved the idea. She started hosting the prayer conference calls. She wasn’t expecting the calls to grow that much, but God far exceeded her expectations. She ended up getting a total of 250,000 numbers from people calling in to pray for Trump. She estimates that, toward the end of the prayer call movement, about 100,000 people were joining in.

People had to call an hour ahead of time just to make it into the call. Churches would call in and put the phone on a speaker so that everyone in the congregation could listen.

“When God’s in something, it doesn’t take a lot of your effort,” Colbert says. “He blows on it. And when He blows on it, it goes. That’s what is so cool about God. It’s very easy. He says, ‘My yoke is easy. My burden is light.’ So it doesn’t require a lot on your part, but it does require obedience.”

Colbert’s story makes me wonder: What if she hadn’t obeyed the Holy Spirit and hosted prayer calls? What if she hadn’t obeyed His instruction to talk to her son and ask for advice? What if she had never listened to the still, small voice telling her that she needed to do something?

The answer is simple. Hundreds of thousands of people would have never prayed for Trump. We may never know the exact impact those prayers had on Trump’s presidential victory, but we can be certain that it furthered the will of God and helped overcome the enemy’s schemes.

I hope you will do what Colbert did and simply obey whatever the Holy Spirit is telling you to do right now. You truly don’t know how many lives could change as a result.

To learn more about Colbert and her powerful prayer movement, listen to my podcast with her. And if what she says encourages you, subscribe to my podcast on iTunes and GooglePlay to hear more inspiring interviews like this one!


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