How Hurricane Irma Fits Into the Biblical Blueprint of ‘The Paradigm’

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Blogs, The Strang Report

We who lived through Hurricane Irma are glad the damage isn’t worse, considering experts are calling it one of the biggest and strongest hurricanes in history. I lost power at my house for only 28 hours, and a huge pine fell but did no damage. At the office, our sign was blown over. We had to work remotely for four days until power could be restored to our building.

Irma means “goddess of war”and this storm brought destruction. It crashed into Florida and closed our offices the very week before we launch Jonathan Cahn’s newest book, The Paradigm. The Paradigm contains a chapter called “The Goddess.” It’s about the goddess of Jezebel—Ashtoreth/Astarte—the goddess of sexuality, war and destruction. Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston last week, and Harvey means “the warrior.” The Paradigm also contains a chapter called “The Warrior.” 

In the cover story for this month’s Charisma, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn explains how there is a master blueprint that lies behind current events, the rise and fall of leaders and governments, which reveals our future. If you missed it, click here to read this fascinating overview. I’m sure it will astonish you, answer your questions and reveal things you could never have imagined.

The Paradigm is Cahn’s latest book and, I believe, his most important. Because of the attacks that are coming, we believe the enemy must not be happy about its launch. Every time Cahn has released a major book, we’ve seen attacks at the exact time the book debuts.

  • The first release of The Harbinger (e-book): Hurricane Irene strikes the building where Cahn’s congregation meets, and the ministry is out of the building for seven weeks.
  • The release of The ShemitahCahn is suddenly paralyzed with a mysterious condition and is hospitalized for one week.
  • The release of The Book of MysteriesThe town in which Rabbi Cahn’s congregation is located suddenly issues about 10 threats, violations and summons, all within one week of the book’s release.
  • The week of the first broadcasts featuring The Paradigm, which releases next week: Hurricanes arrive, and Charisma Media is specifically struck by Irma; thus the enemy is seeking to hinder the launch.

At the same time, the modern antitype of Jezebel comes out with her book—and her argument and accusations—the week before The Paradigm releases. As in The Paradigm, the warrior strikes the priests, and the representative is the woman Houston, so Hurricane Harvey—the warrior—strikes Houston.

I don’t believe we can attribute everything to demonic attacks. But the pattern that exists is unmistakable.

Bottom line: It’s a good sign that the enemy is so furious. But we must press forward all the more and refuse to be stopped.

I’m not saying there’s a simplistic cause-and-effect relationship or that these major disasters are solely tied to specific events. But as God works all things together for good, so too, the enemy seeks to work all things together for evil and against the purposes of God.

Because of all this, I ask intercessors who have the ability to see what is happening in Scripture to pray against these attacks and also that the message of The Paradigm will have wide distribution. America must wake up to what is happening spiritually in our nation.

Just as Cahn’s The Harbinger revealed patterns of how God was dealing with Israel and also America after 9/11, The Paradigm reveals a biblical blueprint that shows that patterns in ancient Israel are repeated in our day and are specifically tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and even Donald Trump.

In The Paradigm, the warrior (Jehu) strikes the priests of the pagan gods and goddesses. The modern representation of the priests of the goddess is a woman named Houston. So now Hurricane Irma—the goddess of war, also linked to Jezebel—strikes the publishers of The Paradigm.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe it’s part of a larger pattern the Lord is revealing. Thank you for your prayers as we forge ahead and recover from this enormous storm. {eoa}


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