Frank Amedia: COVID-19 Coverup in China Goes Deeper Than You Think

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Blogs, The Strang Report

When the coronavirus was first starting to get America’s attention in a serious ways, my friend Frank Amedia shared an eye-opening update with me that I shared with all of you. He reported what God was doing in China in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, including healings, salvations and more. He also shared some information he got from friends in China regarding the true origins of the virus.

Recently, he gave me another update—this time about how China is still skewing the truth about the coronavirus. You’ve probably heard how China recently claimed that the U.S. was the original source of the coronavirus and actually brought it to China. That’s preposterous, of course. But Frank says that’s not the only thing China is distorting in its reports about the coronavirus.

Frank’s main contact about China is a close pastor friend, an American born in China. His pastor friend’s wife—also an American citizen—recently returned from Taiwan where she had traveled to visit her ailing father (not related to COVID-19) and was stuck because of the the Chinese virus outbreak. After waiting five weeks, she finally got home and talked to Frank the day before we recorded this interview. (Later I was able to interview both the woman and her husband which I will play on my podcast soon.)

“What we’re finding out is that the news and the facts we’re getting out of China are not real,” he says. “They’re not truth. Even though some of it is being reported by the World Health Organization, it doesn’t mean they’re distorting it to us. What it means is they’re getting bad numbers [from China]. … [China] is totally shutting down the facts coming into the country, including through the internet.”

What’s worse is that China is possibly handling the situation somewhat recklessly by releasing people to leave quarantine too early. Frank tells me it all comes down to a strategy as President Xi Jinping grasps for power.

“His biggest priority was to eliminate the lowest scale of poverty by the end of the year,” he says. “Well, he can’t do that if they don’t have people working and there’s no production and no economic growth. So what’s happening is they’re releasing people—and my sources tell me, prematurely—who aren’t really cleared of the coronavirus and who are susceptible to it.

“But in any instance, [President Xi] has to get them back to the factories. So they’re getting bused back in, and they’re being released into localities. And these patients who should probably be confined are getting back to work, because the economy is the most important thing. People aren’t as important. My source said, ‘The mentality there in the communist government is “We have too many people anyway. We can sacrifice people.”‘”

Frank says this is a huge contrast to the mentality we have in the U.S., where every life is important. President Donald Trump acted quickly compared to China to shut things down to spare lives.

If we want to continue saving lives, Frank says, Trump has to keep the borders sealed and cannot believe the reports coming out of China. After all, China isn’t even letting the world’s medical experts into their country, and they’re not readily sharing medical advice with us. We simply can’t trust the information they’re sending out.

I encourage you to listen to my full podcast with Frank. His sources had much more to tell him, which I’m sure you’ll find fascinating.

Make sure to share this article on your social media to spread awareness. Just as the prophets are all saying, I believe our nation will pull through this—and quickly!


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