Doug Wead Tells the Truth Behind This Week’s ‘Impeachment Lite’

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Blogs, The Strang Report

On Tuesday, the Senate officially began its impeachment trial. Since the U.S. House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump, the media has reveled in the news. But Christian political insider Doug Wead says what this really is should be called “impeachment lite.”

Wead points out on my new podcast, God, Trump and the 2020 Election, that for three years, the left accused Trump of being a Russian spy. If that accusation were true, it would be the historic equivalent to Julius Caesar’s assassination, Columbus’ voyage to the new world or even the first-ever landing on the moon.

But it wasn’t true. The articles of impeachment mention nothing of Trump being a Russian spy. But where is the left’s apology for such an outrageous accusation?

The articles of impeachment also don’t mention a quid pro quo, Wead says, even though they spent months saying Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president contained such an exchange.

Lastly, the left accused him of bribery.

“There were 60 days of bribery,” Wead says. “This bribery is not in the articles of impeachment. None of it’s there. So there’s no apology for all of the accusations that are now dismissed and aren’t taken seriously.

“They’re promoting this ‘impeachment lite.’ And it’s motivated out of hatred of this president and a desire to hurt him and hurt his family. It’s certainly not done to get him out of office because it isn’t going to do that.”

What the impeachment does claim Trump did was abuse his power and obstruct Congress. But as Wead expertly pointed out—and I agree—”abuse of power” often simply means someone in power used their influence to do something other people didn’t like.

“And then the obstruction of Congress, that’s why we elected Donald Trump—to obstruct Congress,” Wead says. “We wanted him to stop this left tilt.”

So years from now, how will people view this moment in history? Wead says the facts will likely speak for themselves. It’s no coincidence that 100% of the Democratic Party in the House voted to impeach Trump. There’s no other explanation for this type of bias other than a political strategy.

In the long run, Wead expects this to cause a lot of damage to the Democratic Party. It’s likely that many everyday Americans who are following the impeachment news see the lack of integrity on the left’s part. It almost seems like the left is falling apart. They don’t have a solid candidate. They don’t have a cohesive theme or brand. The New York Times even endorsed two candidates instead of their usual one.

“This is a difficult time for [the Democratic Party],” Wead says. “One day they’re promoting the Constitution. ‘We’re behind the Constitution. The Founding Fathers would be deeply upset at Donald Trump.’ The next day, they’re promoting Project 1619, that the United States was founded by criminals, slave traders, and it’s a criminal state, an illegal state. And they’re saying this should be taught in our schools to our children. They just can’t make up their minds where they are as a party and what their philosophy will be.”

Wead even sees a spiritual element to this political trend. During the 2016 election campaign, Hollywood Democrats put together a song that included Jesus’ name in vain along with a curse word. If the Republican Party had used Muhammad’s name as a curse word, it would not have been tolerated. But the left has shown an increasing disrespect against Christians and even against Jesus in recent years.

For that reason, Christians must pray, and we must vote. We simply can’t afford to sit back and wait for things to play out on their own. As the Senate continues with the impeachment trial, I encourage you to pray for God’s will to be done—not just this week, but in the upcoming election.

Wead was a main source for my new book, God, Trump and the 2020 Election. He gave me a lot of insight into the Washington establishment and their attitude toward evangelicals all the way back to the Carter administration. Learn more about my book at Wead is also the author of Inside Trump’s White House, which you can purchase at Amazon.

Listen to my full interview with Wead to learn more about what’s actually going on in our intense political climate. And if you like what you read today, share this article with a friend and spread the word.


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