Prophetic Word: The Holy Spirit Says, ‘You Are a Mushroom’

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Prophetic & Revival, Prophetic Fire

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I believe God is about to reveal His miracle-working power in a worldwide revival. The entire world is in a crisis of ungodly leadership and lies. It will take the power of God to break through this maze. A Holy Spirit revival on the streets would meet this need.

So, I pray for this worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The prophetic word below through Malachi provides support that this is what is on God’s mind.—Mark Virkler

Prophetic Word: A Fascinating Discovery About Mushrooms

This is one of the strangest journals I’ve had, but felt encouraged with a new hunger for science. As I journaled about a few things I suddenly stopped after this phrase the Holy Spirit gave me: “You are a mushroom.” I put my pen down; I was confused. I don’t know anything about mushrooms so it didn’t really mean much to me, but I was curious so I went and did some research.

I discovered that mushrooms grow best in dark, damp places: “Mushrooms can grow without light because they are not plants. A mushroom is only the fruiting body—that is, reproductive structure—of a much-larger fungus body that grows unseen in rotting logs, rich humus and dark, damp places.”

I thought about the dark seasons in life, the winter seasons or even when we are in the valley of the shadow of death. These places can be the perfect place for personal and spiritual growth. Isn’t it wonderful how God sees our adversity? It helped me understand that growth isn’t always beautiful and that sometimes adversity can help us become all that we can be for Christ.

I did some more research and what I discovered was amazing. “Many familiar mushrooms have fruiting bodies that are fleshy and umbrella shaped. Warm, damp weather triggers their sudden appearance. Usually first to be noticed are small, round “button caps” composed of densely packed hyphae. Soon after the outer covering ruptures, the stem elongates and the cap enlarges to its full size. This entire process can indeed happen overnight!”

Mushrooms don’t just grow in the dark; they grow rapidly and appear all of a sudden. This can happen within 24 hours! Due to the way that the cells of the mushroom are designed, they can suddenly appear fully grown within hours or overnight.

I went back to God and began to journal again. Here’s what I received:

“Mushrooms grow suddenly, they grow overnight! Stop thinking that your growth will take a long time. You have a foundation. You have the experience. You have the cells to grow. Those cells will grow rapidly—quickly—and before you know it you will reach the level I’ve called you to. Over the years you’ve been creating the cells and manufacturing the compost. Now, at anytime, boom!

“You’ll be at the level and in the place I want for you to be, in your job, in your health, even in your finances. Mushrooms grow in the dark, but they also grow quickly, this is why I called you a mushroom for this is what it will be for you. It will look as if nothing is happening, and then suddenly things will appear. Don’t always look at what you can see, often a lot is happening when you can’t see it.

“Things will happen overnight. It will happen overnight! There are going to be some things that you don’t understand that you WILL understand but you’re not going to know how you understand them. There are going to be some things that you can just do, and you won’t know how you learned to do them.

“There will be some things that just happen and just appear, and you’ll think they are strange, but all of these things have been growing underground, growing behind the scenes and you are about to step into them an overnight blessing—in My Word I call it ‘by this time tomorrow.’ Things can happen overnight!”

The mushroom is a metaphor.

Just like mushrooms suddenly appear and grow overnight, answered prayers are going to suddenly appear, quickly, but they won’t be premature but mature and fully developed. Just like suddenly the Holy Spirit came Acts 2:2. Just like all of a sudden the prison doors were burst open in Acts 16:26. Just like suddenly the man came to Jesus and was healed in Matthew 8:2.

  • The right spouse may appear
  • That speaking engagement
  • That role in a movie
  • That promotion at work
  • That job you’ve been looking for

By this time tomorrow, these things can literally appear just like the mushroom does. The key is to realize that just because things can’t be seen on the surface, doesn’t mean that nothing’s happening underground. Get ready and expect things to happen out of nowhere.

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