Prophetic Dream: The Division in America Must Subside

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Blogs, Prophetic Fire

A little over a week ago, I had a dream just a day or two after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

The dream was brief. It was more about two spoken phrases than about any imagery. What it contained was this: I saw a structure being created. In one part of it was a room or cubicle.

Within this room were blue-and-white dots, and on top of these was a red splotch like a stain. In the dream, I realized something was defective or destructive about this area and that it needed to be removed or it would destroy the rest of the building.

I heard at this point the words, “It’s Ruth’s time.” And then as I awoke I heard, “Soweto, South Africa.”

And that was it.

I have been seeking to hear from the Lord the meaning of the dream. I believe it contains two warnings and a blessing.

“It’s Ruth’s time” has a very literal and obvious meaning as the dream came right about the time of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death on Sept. 18, also the time of Rosh Hashanah. Sept. 18 is now significant as the date on which Justice Ginsburg passed away. “It was her time.” “All the days of my life are written in your book,” the Bible says in Psalm 139:16b (NLV). But of interest is that this passing came on the day that marked the beginning of a new year in the Hebrew calendar, 5781.

Rosh Hashanah is the head of the year, the beginning. And whether Jew or Christian, there is a sense about this time that God opens new doors and closes others, leading us into a new era. This time is laden with possibility.

With Justice Ginsburg’s death comes the awesome responsibility and opportunity—the time—for appointing a new justice. Judge Amy Coney Barrett is the nominee. So many hope that if she is appointed to the court, she will be one who honors the Constitution and will not legislate from the bench. It is an opportune moment for protecting religious freedom and other sacred values.

So in that sense it is Ruth’s time. The departure of one justice and the entry of another.

What was the room with the spots or fragments of color? Because the colors were red, white and blue and in spots or fragments and needed to be, according to the dream, removed or the building would be destroyed, I believe God was using that image to speak about the grave danger for the country. We have those who are fragmenting the flag, burning it and who want to “fragment” the country. Their ideas include socialism, Marxism, rewriting American history and so on.

The size of the court, the retention of the Constitution, the maintaining of the country’s borders, giving voting rights to non-citizens—all these issues that could so radically change America are at stake now. Many want to bring destruction, to condemn America as evil since its inception. They want the 1619 Project’s version of American history to be mainstreamed (we’re hopelessly a racist nation), not the 1776 version of the country as a beacon of hope and liberty for the world.

Drastic changes such as a move to socialism or even Communism must never be allowed to take root in the continued building of this country. If they do, the beautiful calling of America will be destroyed. We are a nation that is meant to be a light to the world in regard to freedom and justice. Yes, we have had a flawed history, but we are founded on some of the most beautiful documents ever crafted—documents born out of the Judeo-Christian worldview. God’s warning through the imagery in the dream of was that we must continue to resist this.

And Soweto, South Africa? Why were those words spoken?

I believe God was stressing a second warning. Apartheid was a dark part of South Africa’s history, and there was an uprising in Soweto where many were killed. Black students were resisting being forced to learn in a language unfamiliar to them. They walked out of school. Many were shot.

I felt God saying, “Yes, the building in the dream (America) must be preserved, but the disunity, the hatred between ethnic groups in the country must not be allowed to remain or grow. Unrelenting injustice breeds violence. But it isn’t just a matter of white prejudice against people of color. Where that exists, yes, it must go. But God despises any people’s racism. Where there is hatred and resentment, God would have us repent, all of us.”

That is why I believe I heard “Soweto.” It is a name associated with segregation, race hatred and violence. “This must not be” is what I feel God was saying through this township name being spoken at the end of the dream. Racial enmity, too, will make “the house fall.”

And finally, returning to the words, “It’s Ruth’s time,” I believe there is another meaning for them. The blessing of America will be ours if we will turn/return our hearts to God.

When Ruth began to glean in the fields of Boaz described in the book of Ruth in the Bible, her fortunes changed. She had a kinsman redeemer who blessed her and prospered her and Naomi. Her mother-in-law lost her bitterness. Boaz married Ruth. Together they had a child, Obed, who would be in the lineage of Christ. But Boaz himself is a Christ figure, and we who believe are Ruth, the bride.

This is “Ruth’s time.” It is a time where our identity as the bride of Christ is deepening and increasing through the prayers, the worship, the faithfulness of many. The remnant is crying out for us to be like Ruth who, though a Moabite, loved her Israelite mother-in-law. Ruth served humbly in the fields. She laid down at the feet of Boaz to show him her heart and loyalty. He blessed her and took her for his wife, protecting and providing for her.

If we will turn again in a wholehearted way to God, we will know a similar outcome. It is already declared as coming—a wedding feast with the Lamb, Jesus Christ. And the blessings and abundance of God for the bride are coming. They will follow the hard and lean times we have been going through. Our part is to be relentlessly faithful to God.

We need to get the disrespect and the disunity out of the “building” that is America. We need to cleanse our own hearts of any tendency towards “apartheid,” disdain for and separation from other races. Remember that Ruth followed her mother-in-law back to Bethlehem—two women of different ethnicities determined to love one another and to share the one true God.

I declare, in the days ahead, the love of Ruth toward Naomi will emerge in our hearts. and the divisions in America will subside. “Where you go, I will go, and where you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people and Your God my God” (Ruth 1:16b, NIV). This must happen if we are to survive as a nation. {eoa}

Dr. Pam Morrison is a pastor who has both led churches and ministered in the inner city and elsewhere with recovering addicts as a pastoral counselor and as part of a healing rooms ministry. She has seen much healing, physical and inner healing. She loves ministering overseas and has had a special relationship with people in Cuba for many years. She is the author of Jesus and the Addict: Twelve Bible Studies for People Getting Free from Drugs, available in English and Spanish. Her website is and her blog can be found at Her podcast with Charisma Podcast Network is called Rooted by the Stream and can be found at


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