Prophecy: ‘Don’t Fear the Fire Because the Tsunami Is Coming’

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Blogs, Prophetic Fire

Vision: A Fresh Wave Is Coming

Recently one evening at church, I was in worship when I saw a vision of waters receding on a beach moving back at a rapid rate out into the sea. As it moved I could see all the shells, stones and seaweed that were sitting on the ocean floor. Then the wind began to howl loudly around me. I could see in the far distance a wall of water that was rising higher and higher, as if it was reaching a crescendo from the receded water, and was about to crash down and make impact.

I said, “Lord what is this?” He told me that “a mighty unleashing of His Spirit is coming upon the earth” which is why right now it feels like the waters are receding in some areas to prepare for the fresh wave coming.

Fixing Foundations

The receding waters exposed what was on the bottom of the ocean and the Lord told me that we are in a season where foundations are being corrected and aligned that have been cracked or not built upon the rock of Jesus. I saw marriages and homes coming into health, as the Holy Spirit guided them out of messes and cycles of broken disorder as light shone into the hidden areas.

This is a time where the church will go through some major changes, and leaders will have to move with the fresh expression to see the greater glory poured out. The recession of the water also represented the season of the exposing of the enemy’s plans and assignments to distract and delay the purposes and plans of God. We will see many broken areas being rebuilt and strengthened because God is digging foundations deeper so that we can go the distance!

Refiner’s Fire

Then I heard this Scripture: “He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; He will purify the Levites, and refine them like gold and silver, and they will present to the Lord offerings in righteousness” (Mal. 3:3).

Many have been feeling like they have still crossed over into warfare, not realizing that God is refining us as we cross over. He’s healing us and realigning us in the process. Think of it as brushing the dust off your feet from the past season so you can enter in afresh. Joshua called for all the sons of Israel to be circumcised in the promised land because he didn’t want them carrying the mindsets and ways of Egypt into a new season. It was 40 years earlier, but it had become such a stronghold that this prophetic act needed to be done to usher in a new season.

Look to the New Wave

So many have suddenly seen doors slam shut and desires inside you change, but it’s because God is ushering in the new thing through you! You won’t be able to operate and live the way you once did. When that new wave comes you’ll have to learn to ride it, so God is adjusting your sights and saying, “Stop looking back at the old wave and look ahead!”

Maybe you have felt the intensity of the process in the past month or so, like you are being hit on every side by the enemy trying to discourage you, then you are being pulled up higher by God at the same time and it’s overwhelming you. I hear the Holy Spirit saying, “Don’t fear the fire because the tsunami is coming!” Let the receding waters around you prophesy to you today: Your flood is on its way. {eoa}

Nate Johnston is a revivalist and worshiper who has a heart to see sons and daughters unleashed into passionate friendship with God and an effective supernatural lifestyle. Through his ministry “Everyday Revivalists,” he teaches on intimacy and hearing God’s voice which was birthed from a hunger for authentic, real, and powerful relationship with Jesus. Christy Johnston was born and raised in Australia. After living the majority of her life plagued with insecurity and fear, she came to learn the power of her identity in Christ. She now lives with the mandate to breathe fresh hope and life into God’s sons and daughters through her passion of writing, uncovering the truths of living in grace and freedom through our identity in Christ. Nate and Christy have two daughters, Charlotte and Sophie, and currently live on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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