The Generals Who Will Take On the Giants

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Blogs, Prophetic Insight

There is a charge being heralded from heaven to raise up an army of faithful soldiers who are called to “fall in” for active service. The generals of this army have already been selected by God. He’s been watching in secret, testing and observing those whom He knows He can trust to lead this final quest and army of people; those who have learned to listen well and obey quickly.

These generals are the “hidden ones” who, until now, have been through the fire, refined in the desert and survived betrayal, accusations and misunderstandings, but have remained humble, teachable and unoffendable. The focus and attention of these generals is on God and God alone. They have not allowed themselves to be caught up in the petty details, distractions and busyness that sucks time away, offering nothing for the efforts.

They are fit to lead without compromise, and God trusts that they will NOT wound the soldiers who are appointed under them. These “servant” leaders have backbones of steel and tender hearts to lead by example instead of barking orders with pious attitudes. Their instruction in giving direction is solid, and they are walking in perfect sync with the Lord of hosts. Their corrections are given in love, yet they are uncompromising in demanding change, if change is needed.

This is not time to fool around. There is war in the heavens and it is felt on earth. This “war” is not fought in the realm of emotions or mental assent, but is won using the spiritual weapons of warfare with authority to command the victory to be won.

We Are Facing New Giants

This rising army has been trained in the secret place, and through the fire and perseverance they have developed an unwavering resolve to take their places in leadership.

Our generation is facing new giants of opposition, which will fall. These are not the same giants previous generations faced in the 1970s, 80s, 90s or other giants of the past. No, these are new giants challenging the church! We must rise up, line up, trust God, listen to Him and win this battle as God gives directions.

There is no time left now for wavering or shrinking back. The trumpet has been sounded and the army of God is lining up to receive supernatural boldness to bring God’s order to this chaos.

5 Initial Places the Holy Spirit Is Going to Hit

1. The Church

God is igniting His church and removing all of the superficial antics, which have been diverting their attention to things that really don’t matter. When the Holy Spirit comes in power, programs, social clubs and divisions amongst people come to an end. Our focus is to be on becoming an army of willing volunteers to take back ground the enemy has stolen.

2. The homeless population

Revival will land on the homeless population. There will be a great outpouring of God’s Spirit amongst the poor and they will see God. Hopelessness will turn into spiritual prosperity. This outpouring will bring mental clarity to those who have been plagued with mental illness caused by trauma and neglect, and by the effects of drug addiction. People will go from “madmen to missionaries” overnight.

3. The prodigals, creatives and radicals

These are the preachers’ kids, the rebels and those whose entire makeup is to think outside of the box. They will never, ever conform to a religious system or current “church structure.” They will not fit in anyone’s box. However, because of their radical, free-spirit lifestyles, they have been created to receive the “downloads” of new inventions and creative expressions God is pouring out.

They are wide open to do things in a completely different way, with absolutely no concern about what people think of them. They didn’t care what people thought about them while they were rebelling and they don’t care now, as they are not out to make a name for themselves, but to express heaven’s creativity here on the earth.

4. The children

There will be a huge revival amongst the children and they will lead their parents to the Lord. The target on them has been so severe, as the enemy has sought to kill, steal from and destroy them. God is pouring out a sweeping rescue; they are being saved by this great awakening that is literally transforming their lives with the absolute truth that confronts lies. No matter what they are told, they have inner knowledge to discern whether it’s the truth or a lie, and God will perform miracles through their hands.

5. The New Age

The psychics, mystics and those who have spiritual gifts, but operate in power apart from God, will experience the true light and forsake a “lesser light.” A powerful, spiritual wake-up will overtake them and they will walk in the light of life. Just like what the wise men experienced when they followed the star to get to Jesus — when they saw Jesus and experienced His wonder, they fell down and worshiped Him, forsaking their former, inferior guides.

Prepare for the Greatest Harvest the World Has Ever Seen!

Line up, get armed, forget your human weaknesses and prepare to gather in the greatest harvest of souls this world has ever seen!

God is with is, lives in us and will strengthen us for the days ahead. The generals are arising … they are unwavering in their resolve to lead this army of God to victory, using God’s strategies to watch these giants fall and causing the devil to fear us.{eoa}

Cindy McGill is a dream interpreter, spiritual coach and friend. Her passion is to help people find their life purposes, receive healing from life’s trauma and live their lives to the fullest, addressing the destructive issues people face today. She is the author of What Your Dreams Are Telling You, Unlocking Solutions While You Sleep, a popular resource for helping people to unlock their dreams.

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