Prophetic Word: Holy Spirit Is About to Ignite Another Gold Rush in California

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Blogs, Prophetic Insight

Back in 2013 I released a couple of prophetic words regarding another gold rush coming to California. Some aspects of those words have been fulfilled, but the Lord has been speaking to me that the next level of fulfillment of those prophetic words is ready to engage now. There is another gold rush about to ignite over California.

Back in 2013, I was told that 90 percent of California’s treasure remains untapped. Ninety percent of the original mother lode of gold (an area approximately 4 miles by 120 miles) has never been extracted. I will share more on that later in this word. California is called “The Golden State” and is informally known as “El Dorado” (Golden) and “The Land of Milk and Honey.” It is truly a “Promised Land” that was seemingly hidden to all but Native Americans for centuries. One day we are going to find out some mysteries about ancient California that are going to simply amaze us.

Any study of the layers and geological plates of California will tell you that there was something intense going on here a long time ago that we really know very little about. It is a special and chosen land, and there is a reason that many historic revivals were birthed here. There is a reason the whole world has been advanced through the economic and social media platforms developed here. It is a land uniquely precious to the Holy Spirit because of some ancient history we don’t presently know about.

I believe a portal of glory resides over this state, and it is imperative that we as believers never cease contending for its full opening. When it opens, it touches the world. When it is closes, the world is harmed. It is presently partially open and in process of opening more, but another level is coming.

California Recovery

When we moved to California in 2013, the state was not in a good financial place. There had been great budget deficits, roads were in disrepair and cities all over were facing serious bankruptcy discussions. In fact, that year (2013), Stockton became the largest city in the United States to be granted bankruptcy protection. In my prophetic words of 2013, I declared that a great financial turnaround was coming for California. That part of the word has definitely borne out, as California has had the best economic numbers in the nation over the last three years. Additionally, it is forecast that California will have a $2.8 billion surplus in 2017 to add to the over $2 billion surplus of 2016.

California is projected to have a residual surplus of $11.5 billion by 2018, which is remarkable considering where she was just a few years ago. Almost a half-million new jobs were added last year, and the unemployment rate of 5.2 percent is its lowest in 10 years. Many other economic markers have moved up dramatically, so that California moved up to sixth place as a world economy. This means if California were a country on its own that only five nations have a greater economy than what it does. When we came to California in 2013, it was listed as ninth, but it has now passed Italy, France, Brazil and India. Truly the last four years have seen California step into a remarkable measure of the prophesied new gold rush, but there is yet much more to it. All this recent progress was made in the face of a historic drought that is now conclusively broken over the state. We have seen so much rain that I thought we might have to build arks.

The Redding of California

Just weeks ago I was in Redding, California. I shared with Bethel staff that I was given that phrase as something that would be happening in and to California. Part of that has to do with the unique call of Redding, California as a city and apostolic hub for the state. Some of it has to do with the definition of the word “Redding.” There is a verb: “to red or redd” that means “to put in order; to tidy; to clear; to save; to deliver; to rescue.” This is all within the call of Redding and that of course especially spearheaded by Bethel Church, headed up by Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton and many other key leaders being so important to this assignment. I say “spearheaded by Bethel Church” because God is raising up apostolic thinking within the city that goes beyond Bethel. As they can connect and unite on behalf of the city it will greatly expedite kingdom matters. Additionally, many key apostolic and prophetic leaders are relocating to Redding as they find their place in this privileged assignment.

California: From Blue to Red

Now if this initially sounds like a political observation, don’t take it that way. God is neither Republican nor Democrat, and He has plenty He agrees with and disagrees with about both parties. However, God is coming into California to red the blue. I already shared a definition for “red” (to put in order), and the word “blue” means “depressed, down, sad, unhappy, melancholy, miserable, gloomy, dejected and dispirited.” Perhaps that last word sums it up best—not enough of the Spirit. God is invading California through His Holy Spirit, His angels and His people. In doing so, the state will go “red.”

The depression and dispiritedness of the state, that is, the blue, will be covered in a sea of red. I saw it like a giant can of red paint overflowing from the Redding area and pouring down all into California. I think the expression “paint the town red” will be applicable, and it means “to celebrate flamboyantly and publicly.” This is all coming to California as part of its wholesale transformation, and though it very well could end up having a political application, its significance goes beyond that.

Radiant Redding: From Poverty Flats to Prosperity Heights

All who have been to Redding can testify to the city’s scenic beauty. I have repeatedly been shown a future Redding that carries the same beauty it presently maintains but exponentially more glorious. Redding is overcoming its original history of “Poverty Flats” and is headed for becoming “Prosperity Heights.” God is going to release a love for hospitality and for civic beauty that will be infectious all up and down the state.

When one reads in the New Testament about key markers of an apostolic church a very important and under-emphasized priority is that they be “lovers of hospitality” or “given to hospitality” (see Rom. 12:13; 1 Tim. 3:2 and Titus 1:8). This new apostolic marker of hospitality will be clearly seen in Redding and will be an important new identity ingredient for the whole of California. Those who embrace this heavenly marker will experience an increased giftedness and anointing and will begin to reveal it in its many personal and citywide manifestations.

This hospitality marker will cause many to move to Redding and it will be especially attractive to those looking for a place to retire. I keep seeing a state-of-the-art retirement village that is way beyond just a place for seniors to retire economically. I also see a “re-firement” community where believers who are done with their marketplace life come and “re-fire” up as they join this great apostolic hub God is forming in Redding. Many of these houses would have an added room or mother-in-law type suite that would host students going to BSSM and whatever else God opens up in Redding. For those who don’t know, the cost of housing in Redding is much below most of California, thus making it an ideal place even through a completely economic grid. As the city comes into its full radiance, the attraction will be even greater. Much international money is also coming to Redding, and it will play a part in allowing the city to step into being “Prosperity Heights.”

Redding: A Model for Reformation

What God is going to do in and through Redding is remarkable. Reformation architects are arising in the city and what is learned will go global. I was given a simple key to accelerate the reformation assignment that I will share here.

Transformation Key: Spend 80 percent of your time, money and effort recognizing, enhancing, announcing and expanding the “good” of Redding, and the other 20 percent fighting the “bad.” Identity precedes behavior modification attempts. You don’t clean up, so you will be something. You are something; therefore, you clean up.

This is in keeping with the spirit of Caleb, who went into a land infested with giants, yet he saw into its destiny of Promised Land—by recognizing the oversized grapes and by attempting to get the people to see it as such. Constant troubleshooting will wear you out, whereas treasure-hunting will inspire you. The kingdom of God is like a treasure hidden in a field. Kingdom workers don’t just diagnose or report on the dirt—they find the treasure and bring it out. This then becomes the new city identity.

I believe other significant transformation keys will be coming out of Redding that include identifying the seven mountaintops: media, the economy, government, education, family, arts/entertainment and religion, and then strategically bringing the presence and solutions of God into the structures that facilitate these seven mountains.

There are Undiscovered Ancient Rivers of Gold

Recently, I heard in my spirit that in California there were “ancient rivers of gold.” When I hear something like this, I often don’t know whether to take it as a literal or a spiritual word. Historically, when I see this, it is almost always a natural reality, but the term “ancient rivers of gold” sounded more spiritual to me. I then researched and found out that the term “ancient rivers of gold” was already associated with the history of California, and that there are maps available that reveal where ancient rivers used to run. It is speculated that many of these rivers have never been discovered, and therefore have never been a target for gold hunters.

I keep seeing these “ancient rivers of gold” high up in the mountains and when I researched, I discovered that this is widely speculated or even known. This is based on the evidence that old rivers dried up when certain volcanic explosions and other serious geologic and plate tectonic displacements took place. I believe that literally “thar’ is gold in ’em hills.” I believe there is gold in many unimagined settings available to be discovered. I believe the Lord is inviting His kids to go prospecting and mining with Him. Yes, there is a spiritual quotient to this gold mining but there is also a natural outworking of it.

I think many are literally going to hear from God, “Go get the appropriate permits and start treasure-hunting.” Adventures with God are ahead. There are small, medium and large treasures ready to be found all throughout California. Some of them will show up when people of faith start looking.

The Father Lode: Leaving the 1 and Going to the 99

I shared with you earlier about the area called “The Mother Lode.” Now I want to tell you about “The Father Lode.” I was shown some time back that God was going to be extremely kind to California cities along Route 99 that are normally in an economically depressed state.

There is a route called Pacific Highway 1 that runs through the wealthy coastline of California and I heard the Lord say He would, “Leave the one and go to the 99.” This is a play on words speaking in reverse to the Good Shepherd of Scripture who “left the 99 to after the one.” It is not that He would abandon the one, but that He recognized the 99 as that which needed the shepherd’s care in a special way. I heard the Lord say He is releasing a “father lode” out of the open heavens over Bethel Redding and that it would translate into unusual treasures of His love being discovered all up and down cities on the 99, including the afore-mentioned city of Stockton.

Stockton is no longer under bankruptcy and is headed for a bright future. The 99 will become a Renaissance Corridor. “The Father Lode” represents massive wealth that will be discovered from Bakersfield to Redding (going through cities such as Fresno, Stockton and Sacramento that are on the 99). Some of this wealth is spirit and soul wealth, but a tangible natural wealth is clearly central. The cities along the 99 are already in a time of revitalization, but it is now going to another level. As part of the blessing, crooks in government are going to be exposed as the Lord will be replacing corruption in government with righteousness in government.

There are also inane and insane laws and regulations that have to be reformed and these will be surfaced during this time as well. City councils up and down the 99 will be under heaven’s spotlight and scrutiny in a new way as it will be increasingly difficult for those who don’t really love their cities to remain in power. This is a process of multiple years that is before us.

An Underground Fort Knox

In 2013, I prophesied that there was an underground equivalent of a Fort Knox of gold that would be discovered. I still see this massive amount of gold. It could be part of the “ancient rivers of gold”, it could be part of the “mother lode,” or it could be part of the “father lode.” This gold would be something discovered by a new technology that serves as an MRI of land that can detect and see many miles deep.

This new technology will confirm the huge amounts of gold. I shared also how I saw a new way of valuing gold where it would not have to be extracted to be given value, but where new law would now allow gold to remain in the ground and still be given value, much as oil is valued while still underground.

I saw so much gold that it would respond to our national debt need, as paper money would be able to be printed backed by an underground unextracted asset of gold. Now I know that the total amount of gold mined in California up to this point is only in the billions, so I am saying that there is more than that to be discovered. There will also be platinum, garnet and diamonds discovered. Ridiculous wealth is stored up all throughout California, and a time for more of its discovery is upon us. It is time to prospect with God.

What Starts in California Goes Around the World

Part of the phenomena of California’s call is that what is released here goes around the world. We see that through Hollywood, through Silicon Valley, through revivals and moves of God and more. When the church doesn’t arise and shine in California, what arises and is exported to the nation and to the nations is generally bad. The church must remain in a properly awakened place to the incredible destiny hovering over this state, and the voice of true prophets is extremely important for this.

Many prophets have been taken out in California because of severe witchcraft/Jezebelic attacks. Yet God keeps sending more and more in recent years because the glorious destiny of California cannot be miscarried or aborted. God has a profound love for this state and a profound love for the nations to reveal through this state. There is a lot of weirdness and defilement in this state, but the grace of God is greater. He is looking to work with those with the necessary faith, hope and love to access and activate the great destiny. You don’t see it all with natural eyes, you see it with spiritual eyes.

Hollywood itself is under heavenly invasion and at some point will be informally referred to as “Holywood” because of the influence of the arising sons and daughters of the King. Whatever good thing that seems impossible for God to do in California—that is the very thing that He is going to do. All who call themselves by His name are called to work with Him to accelerate that glorious thing. Whether you live in California, another state or another nation bless California in every way that you can, and it will come back to you.

There is an Israel-like call on California and it is demonstrated even in what grows here. California produces almost all of the United States’ almonds, dates, figs and olives—Promised Land fruits. There are also about a million Jews here, further making the California-Israel connection. There is also a great harvest glory angel posted in this state who has power to affect nations. I wrote about that in my word related to the Azusa Now event of 2016. There is mystery to it all, but for those who are discerning the fingerprint of God is unmistakable. Let the next gold rush begin. {eoa}

Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God. He and his wife Elizabeth are focused on awakening individuals to their call to provide practical solutions from the heart of God for every problem in society—until the real God of all of life is displayed in the seven primary areas of culture in all nations: media, arts and entertainment, government, family, religion, economy and education.


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