Miraculous Praise Amid Haiti’s Destruction

by | Jan 19, 2010 | Blogs, Fire in My Bones

When the earthquake struck last week, a brave American
woman found supernatural strength to praise the Lord—and to help deliver two

My friend Linda Graham believes in miracles, but her
faith was stretched beyond her wildest imagination last week when she arrived
in Haiti with three other women from Durham, N. C. They were on a routine
mission to deliver blankets, clothing and medical supplies to an orphanage in
the town of Carrefour.

They had no idea they were walking right into one of the
worst natural disasters in modern history.

“A newborn boy named Judah is now a testimony
to the fact that there is a future and a hope for Haiti
a hope that is built on
God’s unshakeable faithfulness.”

Their American Airlines plane touched down on Jan. 12 at
4 p.m.15 minutes ahead of schedule. A Haitian pastor met them at the airport,
loaded their bags in his vehicle and prepared to drive them to Carrefour when
everything began to shake. At first Linda thought people were pushing the car
until she noticed the trees were shaking too.

A 7.0 earthquake had just hit the city, but Linda and her
friends, Kellee, Lisa and Julie, had no access to news broadcasts. All they
could see were buildings collapsing and people running into the streets. Many
people were covered with blood and white dust. One naked woman stood in the
street with a stunned expression. Linda and her friends gave her some clothes.

The devastation was horrifying, yet the sound of praise
soon filled the streets. Haitians were on their knees with their hands raised.
“So many people were praying and praising God,” Linda told me. “They were
saying, ‘Jesus is Lord’ and ‘Thank you Jesus,’ in Creole.”

Unable to drive to the orphanage, the pastor took the
women to a church where about 2,000 people were singing and praying in a crude
shelter that had survived the quake. Later that evening the women relocated to
a soccer field where people were sleeping on sheets under the stars. Injured
people were everywhere, but still the sound of praises filled the air.

“I’ve never felt the presence of God in such a tangible
way as I did that night,” said Linda, whose husband, Wayne, and their two young
children were back home in North Carolina—wondering if Linda had survived the
disaster. “They were singing songs like, ‘Our God is an Awesome God.’ People
were praying in small groups, and then a wave of God’s glory hit us around 2
a.m. Everyone was shouting praises.”

The next morning wounded people lined up in front of the
four white women, assuming they were nurses. Linda felt completely inadequate
to help them, but she remembered they had Band-aids, antibacterial medicine,
alcohol preps and $500 worth of underwear in their luggage.

Amazingly, they also had packed 25 pounds of rubber
gloves. The women sprang into action. They began praying for people and
applying bandages and Neosporin.

“I am convinced there was a loaves-and-fishes kind of
miracle going on,” Linda told me after she was airlifted to Florida on a
private plane over the weekend. “All our supplies were multiplied. We even used
Band-aids on an amputated leg.”

Linda Graham with one of the two babies she helped deliver after the Haitian earthquake.

The biggest test of the women’s faith came later that
morning when two Haitian women went into labor. Linda was asked to deliver the
babies—in an abandoned hospital. There were at least 300 dead bodies piled near
the building’s entrance, but Linda was determined to see life triumph over the
misery she saw all around her.

“It was an awful place,” she says of the Ministry of
Health Hospital. “The three rusted tables in the maternity room were covered in
bodily fluids. There was no electricity or running water in there. All I had
was a pair of scissors and some fabric.”

Linda swallowed hard, prayed in the Holy Spirit and
called on the Lord for help. She prayed harder when she realized that the first
baby was in a breach position.

“I just made a declaration,” she said. “I prayed, ‘You
will move into the right position and you will be born in Jesus name!'” A
healthy girl was born in a few minutes.

A second pregnant woman then demanded attention, and her
Christian husband translated Linda’s English instructions to his wife. To help
the mother breathe properly, Linda told her to say “Hallelujah.”

When a baby boy was born the overjoyed father asked Linda
to name the child. It was a prophetic moment that helped Linda gain insight
into what God is doing today in this ravaged nation.

“I told him to name the boy Judah—which means praise,”
Linda said. “I told him, ‘We have to praise our way through this.”

When Linda shared her story with me I realized God was
working a million small miracles in Haiti that we will probably never hear
about on CNN. Even in the mist of unimaginable horror and pain, many Haitians
cried out to Jesus when everything they knew crumbled. And He has been
answering them in a million different ways.

A newborn boy named Judah is just one of those miracles.
He is a tiny testimony to the fact that there is a future and a hope for
Haiti—a hope that is built on God’s unshakeable faithfulness.

J. Lee Grady is editor of Charisma. You can find him on Twitter at leegrady. If you’d like to
support the orphanage or the Christian school in Haiti that Linda Graham and
her friends are helping today, go to www.strategicglobalinitiatives.org.
Funds are urgently needed to aid these children.



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