3 Keys to Tear Open the Heavens With Prayer

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Blogs, God Encounters Today

Blowing the Roof Off the House

Have you ever reached a desperation point in which you said, “I don’t care what it takes, I’ll do whatever is needed to get a breakthrough!” In Mark 2:1-5, four friends were looking for a breakthrough when they brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus. The house was so full that they couldn’t get in. That’s when they reached a desperation point.

Rather than giving up and going home, these men had a divine moment of inspiration, “Let’s blow the roof off the house!” So, they literally removed the ceiling and lowered their friend to Jesus. Moments later, their friend received his breakthrough and was totally healed.

This story is a remarkable parable for our day. It’s time to blow the roof off our old mindsets and limited thinking, believing the Lord for extraordinary works of grace.

Let’s look at this Scripture now together in Mark 2:1-5. As you do, ask the Holy Spirit to bring personal application to your life.

Again, He entered Capernaum after some days. And it was reported that He was in the house.Immediately many were gathered together, so that there was no room to receive them, not even at the door. And He preached the word to them. They came to Him bringing one sick with paralysis, who was carried by four men. When they could not come near Him due to the crowding, they uncovered the roof where He was. When they had broken it open, they let down the bed on which the paralytic lay. When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven you.”

The Goal: Making Jesus at Home in Your House

  • Mark 2:1 – Is Jesus at “home” in your house, family, congregation, city? What would you need to do in order for Him to be more than the “honored guest” who occasionally shows up?
  • Mark 2:2 – When Jesus is “in His temple,” people will gather, and revelation will rest on the Word of God. May God’s house be full to overflowing and may the crowds gather once again to hear the word of the Lord!
  • Mark 2:3 – Some became dissatisfied with the crowds as they were. Four men became desperate for a breakthrough on another level. Through the heat of the day, they carried their paralytic friend on a stretcher to the house where Jesus was. They worked hard to carry this dead weight, possibly even a large distance. It cost them something to get him there, but they wanted more!
  • Mark 2:4 – They could not get near Jesus due to the crowds. They could have given up. But instead, they moved from the natural into the supernatural to find a solution. Then hope came. Perhaps the divine thought came, You can tear the roof off the house. So, they proceeded up onto the roof to tear it open with their hands. Through great effort, they dug a big hole in the roof (creating an open heavens) and lowered their friend into the presence of the living Messiah.
  • Mark 2:5 – Jesus saw “their faith.” Whose faith? All their faith together! Then he spoke to the paralytic, “Your sins are forgiven you.” This resulted in healing the body. May these words echo through our lives today and may the sick body of Christ be raised up to “wholeness.”

Open Heavens—Definitions and Examples

Scripture and church history are full of examples of times often referred to as “open heavens”—where the manifested presence of God seems to come down in a tangible manner, bringing conviction of sin, conversions, healings and miraculous activity.

In certain types of visions or encounters, an actual hole seems to appear in the immediate sky—the celestial realm is disclosed, and heavenly sights of God, people and beings become visible.

  • Like in Genesis 28:16-17, in the times of Jacob—we need the gates of heaven to open over our cities, churches and families.
  • Like in Ezekiel 1:1-4, the skies rolled back, and the prophet saw heaven, the four living creatures, the river of fire and the ancient of days.
  • Like in Matthew 3:13-17, the heavens were opened at the water baptism of Jesus and the voice of the Father came, “This is my Son in whom I am well pleased.”
  • Like in John 1:29-34, John the Baptist saw into the spirit realm—the heavens opened, and the dove of God descended and remained upon Christ Jesus.
  • Like in Mark 2:1-5, we need to “blow the roof off” our limited thinking and mindsets and believe the Lord for extraordinary works of grace. Desperate times require desperate measures. We need desperate laborers to arise who are not content with life “as is” to tear the roof off in order to lower another into the presence of Jesus! (For more on this subject, see my book The Seer, Chapter 12 on “The Key of Intimacy to Open Heavens.”)

3 Keys Are Needed

Little keys open big doors, and I believe there are at least three keys needed to create an opening in the heavens. Yes, always remember that little keys open big doors.

1. Prayer Opens the Way!

The following example from revival history shows the interplay and importance of prayer preceding an open heaven.

A Testimony from the Life of Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival of 1904.

At the age of 13, young Evan Roberts became consumed with the desire for revival, especially among the youth. He asked an elder in his church a great question, “When God comes (His manifested presence), where does He first appear?” The older gentleman, who had been a part of a previous move of the Holy Spirit, replied, “When God comes, He always comes first to a prayer meeting.” So Evan started attending prayer meetings four nights a week in different locations. For the next 13 years, he gave his life to participating in prayer meetings for an unprecedented revival.

After attending Bible School in northern Wales, Evan returned to his home in southern Wales. Then, when he was 26 years old, revival came to Robert’s hometown. On the first night, there were only 13 people present in the meeting. But the crowds at Moriah Chapel, where the gatherings centered on prayer and the singing of hymns, began to grow. The first person saved was one of Evan’s siblings.

He taught the people to pray two simple prayers. “Send the Spirit now for Jesus Christ’s sake.” The second prayer was similar. “Send the Spirit now, more powerfully, for Jesus Christ’s sake.” Indeed, God’s Spirit came down, and eventually 100,000 souls were swept into God’s Kingdom.

Today, a cry is arising, “More Lord!” Yes, there must come a youth revolution as it was with Evan Roberts.

It is time for desperate prayer to arise and blow the roof off the house!

2. The Key of the Prophetic

The prophetic becomes a powerful tool to open closed minds, closed doors and closed situations. Seek God, get His word, put the key in the door and turn it! The following Scriptures will help you understand and hunger for the prophetic voice of God in your own life.

  1. Deuteronomy 8:3 – Man lives by God’s Word.
  2. Matthew 4:4 – Man lives by the ever-proceeding Word of God.
  3. Ephesians 6:17 – The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God.
  4. Luke 11:52 – We must use the key and not hinder others.

3. The Key of His Presence

We need His presence more than anything in this life! The outstanding, distinguishing characteristic of God’s people is to have His presence among us!

Exodus 33:12-23 – God gave Moses his request and revealed His glorious presence to Him.

Exodus 25:30 – The bread of His presence (or showbread) was used by the priest in ministering to the Lord.

In the new creation reality, we are temples of the living God. He wants us to be carriers of His brilliant presence.

When We Care for His Presence

Years ago, I had a dream that gripped my soul. The Lord visited me, and this dream helped to set the course of direction for my life; I believe to this day, it is a clear word to His people.

In the dream, I was holding long loaves of bread, each wrapped in its own individual napkin. I was holding the loaves close to my chest, right over my heart. Then I got the blanket that our youngest child, Rachel, had treasured since birth. I wrapped the loaves of bread in her dear baby blanket, held them close to my heart and rocked them as you would a newborn child.

Then I heard the words, “When My people will care for, cherish, nurture and love the bread of My presence like a parent does its newborn child—then revival will come.” As I awakened out of the dream, I found that my arms were held out as though holding and rocking something. I heard myself prophesying aloud the same words I had just heard in the dream as the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit was lingering over my body. The Lord was emphasizing these words by having me repeat them over and over!

This I know—He wants us to yearn for His presence; pray for His presence; love His presence; nurture His presence. After all, isn’t this what you have longed for all your life? Isn’t this what you were made and created for: to be a carrier of His most brilliant presence? Isn’t this what we need today?

When will revival come? You got it—when we get up in the middle of the night, do the night feedings, hold the child of new beginnings close to our bosom and wash it with love and compassion—then revival will come! Let His manifested presence come forth in Jesus Christ’s name.

Closing Prayer for Open Heavens

Father God, in the name of Jesus, we desire to cherish and love Your manifested presence in our lives as a parent does its newborn child. We want to see an open heaven created over our lives, families, congregations, cities and nations. We want to see a move of the Holy Spirit in our day as in the former moves of the Spirit in Wales, the Hebrides Islands and many other times and places. Send Your Spirit now, more powerfully, for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen and Amen! {eoa}

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