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VIDEO: Atheist’s Prayer Answered

God tells us through His Word in Ephesians, that we have been chosen and predestined according to His plan and His...

VIDEO: 20 Years of ‘Redeeming Love’

Over 1 million copies of the love story have been sold. Since its debut, now 20 years ago, Francine Rivers' Redeeming Love has inspired readers through a "life-changing story of God's unconditional, redemptive, all-consuming love." Rivers invites you to share your...

VIDEO: ‘Everything’

We all fall in our faith. The ways of the world corrupt our hearts and eventually our steps, but the Lord continues to fight for us. He accepts us for who we are and shows us that His love is the only true thing that will provide us with hope, peace and life. Watch...

VIDEO: Pastor Zachery Tims Found Dead

Megachurch pastor Zachery Tims died on August 12 in a New York City hotel room the New York Police Department (NYPD) confirms. He was 42. An NYPD representative says "criminality is not suspected." Watch the latest news report from Orlando's WESH-TV.{youtube...

VIDEO: Did Prayer Save Boy Who Drowned at Sea?

A youth group's trip to the beach turned into one frightening Friday afternoon. A strong riptide pulled Dale Osterander out to sea, where the young boy later drowned, but the church community back on shore prayed during the 20-minute wait for rescuers. Watch...

VIDEO: Mike Bickle, God’s Greatest Want

Why did God create in Genesis 1? Why did Jesus redeem and give His life? Mike Bickle says the answer lies in the commandment that moves our heart the greatest. Engage with Bickle's teaching as you watch this video excerpt from Saturday's event, The Response.

VIDEO: This Is the Church of God

On an average of every six hours a Church of God is planted somewhere in the world. Join us in celebrating the Church of God, its presence and its 125 years of dedication to winning souls to Christ, by watching today's daily interest video.

VIDEO: Cardboard Testimonies

Who were you before you allowed Jesus into your heart? We all have our own stories of salvation. Watch this video to see brothers and sisters in Christ share their before-and-after testimonies in a silent yet powerful way.

VIDEO: Comical Faith

God has a way to get His message across to believers and nonbelievers alike. Sometimes that way is through laughter. Watch today's daily interest video to get a taste of God's sense of humor.{youtube width="500"}L3yjhOVnRCk{/youtube}

New Film ‘Warrior’ to Inspire Forgiveness

New Film ‘Warrior’ to Inspire Forgiveness

O’Connor, director of the acclaimed Olympic hockey movie Miracle,
returns to tell a story unveiling the Christian principles of
healing and forgiveness in his second sports-related film, Warrior.

O’Connor takes viewers into the world of mixed martial arts
and portrays the notion of fighting in both a physical and spiritual
manner. Christian leaders who viewed early screenings of the film
have seen a family overcome the devastation of alcoholism on screen
and have walked away with powerful testaments.

“I just
saw Warrior and it was epic,” says Shawn Bolz, senior pastor of
Expression 58 Church in Los Angeles. “Even though MMA fighting
provides the backdrop, the true battle is the fight for forgiveness
and the movie is a strong testament to the power of the family in
that fight. I thoroughly recommend this movie; it is one of the best
I have ever seen.”

Hobby Lobby Donates Land to California Megachurch

Hobby Lobby Donates Land to California Megachurch

SaddlebackRanchHobby Lobby is no longer known for its retail of arts and crafts
alone. The $3 billion a year company now has its name connected to
Saddleback Church led by Pastor Rick Warren. Oklahoma-based Hobby
Lobby has donated a 170-acre ranch in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., to
the megachurch.

“Rick Warren, his staff and the church’s congregation have
contributed to the Lord’s work on this property and we couldn’t be
more excited to donate this property to them,” said David Green,
Hobby Lobby founder and CEO.

VIDEO: Life is a Race

Christian Heather Dorniden races the 600m at the Big 10 Indoor Track Championships in 2008. Watch to find out what she learned not only about racing—but also about life.{youtube width="500"}9_cwZYX-5go{/youtube}

Global Initiative Aims to End Poverty by 2035

Global Initiative Aims to End Poverty by 2035

alliance of global Christians, churches and faith-based
poverty-fighting organizations are uniting to eradicate global
poverty. The Christ-centered global initiative known as 58: was
founded on Isaiah 58 where God calls on the church to to end global

organizations have collectively worked through the 58: initiative to
simplify the steps necessary to achieve what some may see as an
impossible feat. But for Dr. Scott Todd, senior advisor at Compassion
International and one of the architects of 58:, doesn’t question the
possibility itself. Instead he says, “The question is, ‘How fast?’”
At 58: partners are convinced it can happen within the next two
decades. In fact, they have set 2035 as the end date.

prove the percentage of people living in extreme poverty continues to
decline. In 24 years alone, the percentage of those living in extreme
poverty has dropped from 52 percent to 26 percent. Child mortality
rates and the rates of disease infection has declined as well. And
now those behind 58: ask, “What will it take to finish the job?”

VIDEO: Medical Mix-up Miracle

After enduring the process of infertility treatments, Sean and Carolyn Savage learned there had been a medical mix-up. Carolyn was carrying another couple's embryo. Watch this video and learn how the couple decides what to do and how God is blessing...

Two Bible Organizations Merge to Deepen Impact

Two Bible Organizations Merge to Deepen Impact

bible_Maasai_AfricaAfter a year of discussion and surrendering their ideas to the
Lord, Bible League International (BLI) and World Bible Translation
Center (WBTC) announced on Friday their plans to merge in an effort to
deepen their impact and ministry around the world.

“We began to understand that if any of us in the Christian
ministry world are going to be successful it will not be on our own.
It has to be through partnership,” President and CEO of Bible
League International Robert Frank told Charisma News.

The decision to merge came as a result of a unanimous vote by both
organizations’ boards.

Historically BLI has provided training materials and has worked
through networks of churches and other community organizations around
the world in 63 countries to get the Word of God in the hands of
people in order to bring them into fellowship with Christ and His
church. For more than 30 years, WBTC has provided accurate
translations of God’s Word into various languages of the world.

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