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How to Discover Your Prayer Passion

It was a cold March night as I tossed and turned, snuggling deeper under the warm blanket. Somewhere between sleep and...
Belief in the Supernatural Goes Mainstream

Belief in the Supernatural Goes Mainstream

The belief in the supernatural is becoming a mainstream phenomenon in America.According to a 2012 Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life report, a majority of Americans surveyed believe in supernatural entities, such as angels and demons. These beliefs are held not...

Billy Graham: A Faithful Witness

Billy Graham: A Faithful Witness

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in 2005 as Charisma magazine's cover story. At that time, Billy Graham was about to make his last stadium appearance. On his 95th birthday, Charisma looks back to honor America's favorite evangelist. The...

Our Love Is Loud

A growing number of Christian teens and 20-somethings are attending late-night dance parties–to worship the Lord and introduce their friends to Jesus.

Washington Watchdog

He's tough, he's angry, and he's not afraid to mix religion and politics. Meet Lou Sheldon, who founded the Traditional Values Coalition to protect the country from gay activists, abortion lobbyists and any politician--Republican or Democrat--who is hostile to...

Wheels Around the World

Laurie Malaby had worked with disabled children in the United States for many years. But she never dreamed God would use her to bring new freedom to children overseas.

Laurie Malaby dialed the number on the business card she had been given earlier that week, never dreaming that a single telephone conversation would open the door to a life-changing experience. Trained as a pediatric physical therapist, Laurie had worked with disabled children in the United States for many years.

As part of her job with Wicomico County Public Schools in Salisbury, Maryland, Laurie often places orders for new wheelchairs when her students outgrow them. “In my profession, we can’t bear to see perfectly good equipment discarded,” Laurie says. “So I began storing these used wheelchairs in the basement of my school, thinking there had to be someone who could recycle them.”

Revolution Generation

Tens of thousands of teens and adults converged on the nation's capital recently to pray for a Revolution that will change America for Jesus.In the pre-dawn darkness Sept. 2, thousands of bleary-eyed teens tumbled out of buses and vans onto the Mall in Washington,...

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