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God’s Magnet Over Peru

Take note, world: Peru is on the rise.Once known as one of the poorest countries in South America, Peru’s economy is...
Pastor Says Recession Can Bring Revival

Pastor Says Recession Can Bring Revival

Argentine revival leader Claudio Freidzon says a three-year recession in his nation brought spiritual renewal An Argentine revival leader whose church doubled in size after a financial collapse in his nation believes the American church could see revival in the midst...

A Father to the Fatherless

It breaks Joe Loyal’s heart that so many kids today don’t have two parents. That’s why the Georgia retiree now spends all of his time reaching kids in lower-class neighborhoods.

Doomsday Prophet?

Leaning on his cane, a kippah, or traditional head covering worn by Jews,
perched atop his silver hair, the mustachioed 62-year-old man’s dark eyes danced like a little boy’s as he spoke about the dream of his life–a dream so big it would fit well as a major plot line for a Left Behind book: rebuilding the third temple at the holiest place in Israel, the Temple Mount.

At his small office in an upstairs apartment in Jerusalem, Gershon Salomon stood over a miniature scale model of the third temple, carefully pointing out the Court of the Gentiles, the Women’s Court where women entered, and the inner court’s most sacred place–the Holy of Holies where the high priest could perform only one sacrifice per year.

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