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Ray Comfort: The Secret to Making God Smile

No one can run fast enough, jump high enough, sing well enough or drop enough money into the collection bag to impress...
Deadly Bullets in the Atheist’s Gun

Deadly Bullets in the Atheist’s Gun

To be an atheist is to play Russian roulette with all barrels loaded. An atheist can’t win. Of course, he feels and acts like a big player, until the trigger is pulled.The issue isn’t the existence of God. If the atheist is wrong and there is a Creator, then he was...

The Smell of Sin

The Smell of Sin

A look at the parallels between sinners and smokers. No one stinks like a smoker does. It’s true, and what’s more, they don’t realize how bad they smell. The reason they smell so poorly is that they have deadened the sensitivity of their nose. They literally can’t...

The Smell of Sin

David Wilkerson: Not Available

Everyone has heroes–or at least people they respect. David
Wilkerson was one of mine, along with John the Baptist and a few others. So I
was deeply saddened when my daughter called and said that he had been killed in
a car accident. Of course there was the sweet knowledge that he was with the
Lord, but there was also the bitter reality that we no longer had him here on

His passing brought back a flood of memories. Back in 1980, I
screened the movie that was based on his best-selling book, Cross and the
. It starred Erik Estrada (from the television series CHiPs) as
Nicky Cruz, the hardened gang member who mocked the naive country preacher who
had come to his rough neighborhood.

The Smell of Sin

Evangelism: Our Most Sobering Task

Christian evangelist Ray Comfort explains why natural disasters, such as earthquakes, only confirm God’s existence rather than deny it.  “I was actually in this earthquake ... I live in Tokyo and it was the scariest thing that I have ever been in. I was in...

The Smell of Sin

Christian Leaders Are Becoming Atheists?

After seven seasons as host of Canada’s
“most listened to spiritual talk show,” Drew Marshall announced to his
listeners that he is no longer convinced there’s a God. ABC News recently reported that a Southern Baptist
pastor has become a closet atheist, and an evangelical Bible Belt pastor said that he
had been living a lie and confessed, “I live out my life as if there is no

doubting talk show host said that he became a follower of Christ in 1981. But
it wasn’t until recently that he verbalized that he wasn’t convinced that God
existed, saying “I feel pretty close to walking away from my faith.”

The Smell of Sin

Not Thinking Too Deeply

"You should stop using the criminal justice system as an analogy for your God. As you have pointed out many times, it is entirely unjust for someone else to pay the punishment for the crimes you are guilty of." --Lurker As far as I know, you are the only one who has...

The Smell of Sin

A Most Common Mistake

"If the Bible is always right and never needs up dating, why is there a New Testament? Why don't boys have to be circumcised now? Why can you eat pork? Why can you work on a Saturday? Why don't you have to batter people's skulls in with stones who worship 'false...

The Smell of Sin

Who’s the Real God?

How do you know God is of the Christian variety? Equally devout Muslims disagree. "Hi Ray, I have a sincere question: How do you know God is of the Christian variety? Equally devout Muslims disagree. If I'm on the fence, I need a better answer than 'I just KNOW. God...

Hollywood Religion

Ever wonder why CHRISTIAN FAITH isn’t welcome in movies today? All you have to do is look at what most influential actors and directors believe.

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