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Lysa TerKeurst Reveals the Power of Compassion

Tears from loss have such potential to draw us together.I saw this a few years ago when I participated in some peace...

How Not to Annoy Your Friends

Have you ever been afraid of coming across as annoying to your non-Christian friends? Watch Lysa TerKeurst talk about a nonbeliever friend she had and how God used her in an encouraging way.{youtube}cRQdYDUT1Zg{/youtube}

Throwaway People

Many of us have broken relationships with parents and we find it easy to believe we are "throwaway people" and not important—even in the eyes of God. Watch as Lysa TerKeurst discusses how she dispelled these lies and faced her "crisis of...

Real Women Struggle

Real women struggle with things in their everyday life. God didn’t
promise that we would have an easy life. But he does tell us that if we will
trust in Him and join Him every single day, He will never leave us and He will
never forsake us.

When There’s No Answer to Why

Wheth throes oer you’re in throes a challenging marriage or your teenager is in full rebellion, tough times are inevitable in life. And though God may not respond to all your whys, He promises to be “a very present help.” Author Lysa TerKeurst has had her share of hardships, but she has learned how to rest in God’s peace. You can to. To watch the video below, click here.

When You Don’t Feel Close to God

God is not as far away as we might think. In fact, He will never leave us alone to weather the storms of life. But when we have unconfessed sin in our lives or fail to spend time with Him, He seems miles apart from us. And like a small voice in a crowded room, we can hardly hear Him speak. No matter the circumstances, don’t let the enemy make you believe God is some distant god. He’s not. Go ahead and reach out to the Father in prayer. He may appear quiet at times but rest assured, the Holy Spirit will bear witness of His presence.

How Not to Witness to Your Friends

Have you tried relentlessly to win your unsaved friends to Jesus but to no avail? You tell them His love is unconditional, that He died for their sins, and that they too can have a personal relationship with Him. But in the end, they seem more annoyed by your efforts than troubled about where they will spend eternity. There is a way to share the message of salvation with your friends so they won’t be turned off. To discover how, watch the video below.

Do You Know Your Purpose?

Many women grapple with the age-old question of purpose. They think that if they’re not a women’s leader or at the forefront of ministry, they have no significant role in the body of Christ. Not true. God sees significance in what seems insignificant to man. When we come to faith in Christ, He empowers us to do His will. Press into God to discover His plans for your life. Watch video below.

A Meeting With God on an Airplane

Every Christian woman is called to be a living epistle, one who proclaims the love of Jesus to a spiritually blind people through her actions and attitude. Many of your family members and neighbors have no doubt come to faith in Christ by watching you. Continue to be a light in your community, on the job, at home and yes—on an airplane. You can’t see them, but God knows who’s looking at your life. Watch video below.

What Are the Things Real Women Struggle With?

When you disrespect your husband or show that coworker a notsopleasant side of your personality, do you beat up on yourself for failing to act in a godly manner—again? We all have imperfections in us, but God sends conviction to reveal our weaknesses and get us back on the right path. When struggles get the best of you, don’t concede defeat and think you’ll never get the victory in a given area of your life. The Holy Spirit comes to convict believers of sin, and then empower us to live free from it. Click below to watch video.

When You No Longer Love Your Husband

Are there times in your marriage when you’ve contemplated leaving because your husband is uncaring and inattentive to your needs? It's easy to convince yourself that the proverbial grass is greener on the other side. But is it? Every marriage can be trying at times,...

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