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Real Hope for the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Epidemic

For many of us, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia strike close to home. If that is your current reality, there is...
Seven Keys for Living to 120

Seven Keys for Living to 120

Living to a ripe old age isn’t a myth, it’s biblical. Here are a few basic guidelines to help it become a reality.I believe the Word of God promises Christians 120 years of life (see Gen. 6:3). Yet instead of living out this promise, most believers accept growing...

If You Have Diabetes …

If You Have Diabetes …

These are my top five tips for reversing diabetes.1. Reduce your weightWeight control is a powerful key to the reversal and prevention of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is directly linked to obesity and diets rich in sugars, refined carbohydrates and fats. I encourage you...

How to Live Diabetes-Free

How to Live Diabetes-Free

Millions suffer each year from complications related to the nation’s latest epidemic: diabetes. But you can prevent or reverse the long-term effects of this not-so-silent killer.f-Colbert-DiabetesFree

When New York filmmaker Morgan Spurlock set out to draw a line between the rise of obesity in America and fast-food giant McDonald’s, he never dreamed that his 2004 documentary, Supersize Me, would be nominated for an Academy Award, earn more than $20 million and turn the film’s title into a watchword for health activists everywhere. It also made him a PR nightmare for the McDonald’s corporation. For his film, Spurlock made himself a guinea pig, tracked his progress and documented the results. For one month he ate nothing but McDonald’s food for all three daily meals, sampling every item on the Golden Arches’ menu. Whenever cashiers asked if he wanted his meal supersized, he accepted.

His experiment represented untold millions of people who get the majority of their daily sustenance from fast food. Spurlock turned himself into a physical representation of these silent masses, consuming an average of 5,000 calories a day. He gained almost 25 pounds, increased his body mass index by 13 percent, raised his cholesterol to 230 and accumulated a dangerous fat level in his liver. 

I sometimes wonder if many Americans were paying attention.

Sweet Dreams?

Sweet Dreams?

If falling asleep is a nightmare for you, here are some
tips to make the thought of going to bed less frightening.

Almighty God, who created the universe with unparalleled
wisdom, also created your body to need rest. In His wisdom God made rest a
foundational principle for life on Earth.

The Bible says, “On the seventh day, having finished His
task, God rested from all His work. And God blessed the seventh day and
declared it holy, because it was the day when He rested from His work of
creation” (Gen. 2:2–3, NLT).

10 Steps to a Healthier Life

10 Steps to a Healthier Life

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, follow these 10 steps to a healthier life.

  • 1. Make a commitment to lose weight. A commitment is more than a goal. It is a framework for your progression in life, a long-term vision that goes beyond just reaching your targeted ideal weight. And when you combine rock-steady commitment with positive emotion that propels you to the next level, suddenly succeeding on a daily, weekly or monthly basis becomes much easier.
  • 2. Set reachable goals.When you embark on a lifestyle change to lose weight, it’s crucial to establish goals. However, they must be realistic if you hope to reach them. An unrealistic goal for weight or clothing size sets you up for discouragement, and people who become discouraged will usually stop the program altogether and eventually gain back all their weight.

Forgive and Be Healed

I have often wondered, Why do we see much more rheumatoid arthritis occurring in women than in men? I began to pay close attention to the studies showing that men are usually able to express their anger, whereas women tend to hold it in and become depressed. I recalled the scripture, “A broken spirit drieth the bones” (Prov. 17:22, KJV).

Could it be that a “broken spirit” in some women is causing rheumatoid arthritis? Is it causing the joints and bones to be inflamed and weakened?

Foods That Heal

Foods That Heal

Poor nutrition is often the reason people get sick. Here are 10 foods you need to add to your diet.Have you ever seen the television program What Not to Wear? In it, a crew of hip makeover artists helps a poorly dressed person learn how to dress well. The show ends...

Soyburger, Anyone?

Soyburger, Anyone?

Tomatoes, however, are the richest source of lycopene, and cooked tomato products, such as tomato paste, spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce, provide much higher amounts of the phytonutrient compared with fresh tomatoes or tomato juice.

Spaghetti sauce also contains olive oil, an added benefit that makes this particular food product an extremely good choice as a source of lycopene. That’s because the oil assists in the body’s absorption of the nutrient.

Many studies have shown a correlation between a high consumption of tomato products and a decreased incidence of prostate cancer. A diet rich in lycopene derived from tomato-based products can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by approximately 40 percent.

The Dairy Dilemma

The Dairy Dilemma

milk glassDon Colbert, MD, gives advice on how to handle lactose intolerance—especially if you love dairy.

Q. I suspect that I have lactose intolerance. How can I know for
sure? Are there any nutritional supplements that can prevent this? I love ice
cream and milk and don’t want to give them up! –P.B., Glendale,

A. If you love ice cream, you’re not alone. The dozens of selections
available on supermarket dairy aisles or in ice cream parlors suggest that you
have plenty of company.

Finding the Right Supplements

Here are a few things to consider when choosing products for your nutritional needs.

What constitutes a good multivitamin? The answer is the same things that make living food healthy. Most multivitamins are made of synthetic ingredients and toxic fillers. They may have all the vitamins you need, but the vitamins are typically in suboptimal amounts and in a cheap form made of mineral salts, which are poorly absorbed. People who take these pills usually don’t get the nutrition they need.

These chemical-based supplements also lack that vital combination of nutrients that characterizes living foods. Nature never produces nutrients in isolation. Oranges, for example, contain much more than vitamin C.

How to Eat to Live

No matter how spiritually mature you are, an unhealthy lifestyle and diet will limit your potential.

As a Christian, you are free to eat anything you want. Your diet will not keep you from heaven, but if you continually eat unhealthy foods, you will probably get there much sooner.

All foods are not created equal. In fact, some food should not be labeled “food” but rather “consumable product” or “edible, but void of nourishment.”

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