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Israeli Group Saves Muslim Child’s Life

It’s a story that works to break down the walls between Muslims and Jews. It’s the story of Kevin, a 14-month-old...
Sabbath in the Bible

Sabbath in the Bible

The last thing that G-d created in the story of creation was the Sabbath, the day of rest. The Sabbath is actually the seventh day of the week; it marks the ending of one week and the beginning of a new one. This is by no means the most important day of the week. The...

Ministries Partner to Respond to the Fires in Israel

Ministries Partner to Respond to the Fires in Israel

fires in Northern Israel is said to be the worst disaster in the nation’s
history.  Now Christian Life Missions (CLM) is partnering with Vision for Israel to
respond quickly to the need.
Christian Life Missions is the non-profit partner of
Charisma magazine.  In 2006 it partnered with Vision for Israel, headed by Barry
and Batya Segel, to raise $150,000 to help rebuild a civic center in Northern
Israel.  Every dollar raised will go to help in Northern
“We can
spring into action to meet the need because of our relationship with Vision for
Israel.  They have the infrastructure and the relationships to respond to the
need,” said Steve Strang, president of CLM and publisher of Charisma.  “We have
total confidence in them and their ability to respond quickly and to use the
money as it should be used.”
of Charisma also responded generously when the tsunami hit Southeast Asia in
2004. That time CLM partnered with the equivalent of the National Association of Evangelicals in Sri Lanka to
respond to the need. And readers responded to Hurricane Katrina, also working
again with local churches in Louisiana.

Revival in Women’s Prisons

The Holy Spirit is on the move in prisons, and He is targeting the wounded hearts of women inmates.
According to prison ministry Daughters of Destiny, in the last year, more
than 20,000 inmates have attended evangelism events, and more than 7,500 have
made decisions to follow Christ.

Daughters of Destiny is a prison ministry dedicated to
spreading the gospel and seeing women inmates give their lives to Jesus Christ.
They hold Bible meetings and evangelism events in 203 detention facilities in
25 states across America.

“There’s an excitement and fervor for God. In the past, 7 to
10 percent of the inmates
at a facility might attend our meetings. Now we’re seeing 30 to 90 percent,” said Annie Goebel of Daughters of Destiny.

The Colorado Springs,
Colo.-based ministry is run
by founders Annie and husband Mel Goebel, and
approximately 850 trained volunteer staff. They teach and nurture all the women
who respond in faith and relationship with Jesus Christ through their ministry
that begins while the women are incarcerated and continues after their release
back into the community.

God Is Pro-Choice

No, not like that—His choice is for you to fulfill your destiny

God chose me. He didn’t just get stuck with me, and He didn’t settle for me because there was no one else He could choose. He deliberately chose me. And the same is true for you too. 

didn’t have a special talent when He chose me. The thing I do best is
talk, and He’s made me a mouth in the body of Christ. My voice is
unusual and unique—not the kind of voice you would think He would choose
to broadcast all over the place. But God has given me the opportunity
to speak to billions of people around the world. And I don’t always use
correct grammar or pronounce words just right, but we don’t have to be
polished according to the world’s standards to be used mightily by God.

Building Strong Bones

Osteoporosis, a bone-thinning disease, has been called “a pediatric disease with a geriatric outcome,” because bone mass gained or lost during childhood and adolescence greatly determines lifelong bone health. Youth is the best time to invest in your child’s bones through nutrition and physical activity.

Nutrition for healthy bones means eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. If your kids are lactose intolerant or just don’t like drinking milk, don’t despair. They can receive calcium from foods such as kale, bok choy, broccoli and almonds, or from calcium-fortified orange juice, cereals, or breads.

The Joseph Storehouse

The Joseph Storehouse is a humanitarian
aid center in the hills of Jerusalem and is the central focus of an
ever-expanding ministry, Vision for Israel.

The goal of this organization if to be
a source of emergency assistance to the entire community of Israel,
whether Jewish, Arab or Christian. Their desire is to be a channel of
mercy through the distribution of a full range of items such as
emergency medical equipment, food, toiletries, clothing and other
necessities. The Joseph Storehouse also warehouses supplies for times
of emergency in the land of Israel.

Vision for Israel

Founded in 1994 by Barry and Batya
Segal, the nonprofit Vision for Israel (VFI) is an international
humanitarian-aid center operating in the Judean hills outside
Jerusalem, primarily through its distribution outlet, The Joseph
Storehouse. Each week, orphans and widows, homeless and handicapped,
elderly and geriatric, new immigrants and victims of terrorism all
receive food, clothing, toiletries, kitchen and house-hold items,
blankets, towels, linens and toys from the ministry.

How ’bout Them Apples

You’ve probably never thought of apples as a significant part of a
weight-loss regimen, but apples are a great source of fiber, and fiber
not only improves digestion but also encourages weight loss. A
medium-sized apple contains about five grams of fiber, more than most
commercially made cereals–even the health food store variety. They also
have almost no fat or cholesterol, so they are a healthy choice for a
snack or dessert.

Stability Through the Storms

We have authority over Satan, and he can’t win against us as long as we remain stable. Jesus assured us that we will have tribulation in this world. It’s impossible to have enough faith to keep every problem away from us. However, our faith exists not so we can avoid problems but to help us through them—stably.


Lost in the Wilderness

When you neglect to put God first in your life and make time for him daily, then you can wander away from him without even knowing it. This wandering can lead you to a spiritual desert and cause a lack of joy and a lack of a sense of purpose. Be careful not to put your pleasures, entertainments, careers and success before God.

Avoiding the Enemy’s Distractions

Avoiding the Enemy’s Distractions

Our attitudes often make us vulnerable to failure. But you don’t have to become a casualty in spiritual warfare.

So many things in life can take our attention away from what God wants for us–busy schedules, difficult people, financial problems, the threat of terrorism and war, and let’s not forget our personal drama of the week! But it’s life’s internal distractions–envy, loneliness, anger, bitterness, fear and rejection, among others–that can destroy us, if we allow them to.

It all boils down to this disturbing reality: Our fatal distractions come from within ourselves. It may very well be that the main distraction holding you back is you.

The Wilderness Test

When you ask God for something great, you also ask Him for great testing. The unspoken part of your heart prayer is, “Train me for it.”

Make sure you understand that God will prepare you for the answer to that for which you are praying. He wants to qualify you, and the qualifications may be so rough that you tell Him to forget it.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites left Mount Sinai and walked a large circle in the wilderness before reaching Kadesh Barnea, where they sent out a spying party into the promised land. Ten of the 12 spies weren’t ready for entry, and they came back with a bad report (see Num. 13:31).

Because of the influence of these 10 unprepared spies, it took the Israelites 40 years to finally cross over the Jordan. The 10 spies-and everyone they influenced-had to die in the wilderness before their children could enter the promised land.

Changing Relationships

Many women wrestle with changing roles, changing times and changing relationships. Much has been said about the changes in life but not nearly enough in regard to the maternal heart that has unfortunately allowed itself to be defined purely by its relationship with children.

The children become adults, their needs change, and they are gone. But the woman who nurtured them must always remember she is more than their last assignment.

God has sustained you in this life because you are needed. Perhaps it is not a need that requires a clean bandage on an old cut. But you are needed.

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