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Irish Boxer Punched, Prayed Her Way to Victory

Like a warrior princess from ancient days, Irish boxer Katie Taylor proudly carried her nation’s flag after scooping...
Charismatic Churches See Growth, Miracles in Ireland

Charismatic Churches See Growth, Miracles in Ireland

altMarch 17, 2009 — As the world marks St. Patrick’s Day today—remembering the Irish apostle who helped turn a pagan nation into a hotbed of Christianity—a Vineyard church in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, is helping spread a new wave of spiritual renewal across the nation.

(Photo: Causeway Coast Vineyard leading Healing on the Streets outreach)

“It seems to us that God is moving in our communities in Ireland,” said Alan Scott, who with his songwriter-wife, Kathryn, leads the 350-member Causeway Coast Vineyard, where the worship projects Hungry, Satisfy and I Belong were birthed.

The Day Slavery Died

Tow hundred years ago, statesman William Wilberforce convinced England to end the slave trade. A new film, Amazing Grace, celebrates his legacy.

How Prayer Is Shaking Europe

When a church on the south coast of England devoted an entire month to prayer, the idea caught on across the globe. The ’24-7 initiative’ is now booming–and producing results.

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